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SentryOne - Change List

For more information on the additional steps SolarWinds is taking to improve our security posture and policies please reference this blog by SolarWinds President and CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna.

ID Component Description
68984 Alerting Generic Webhooks Support
68926 Licensing New EULA for SQL Sentry
64645 Monitoring Service GetFileSizeData running long, timing out
68793 Portal Portal: EHO: Add time range selector
68980 Portal Portal: Storage Visualization
68981 Portal Portal: Feature Based Security
ID Component Description
68625 PA\AlwaysOn AG discovery queries have poor performance on RDS instances part of a Basic AG
68483 PA\Disk Space Installed R Packages Show as Missing (assertthat, R6)
68698 Portal Portal: Configuration Utility: Connection String does not support special characters for the password field
ID Component Description
68638 Licenses being cleared out and reverting to the Evaluation license
ID Component Description
68451 Alerting Execute Powershell does not execute against (Target) when specified
68640 Database Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Latin1_General_CI_AS" and "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" in the equal to operation.
67781 PA\Advisory Conditions Inconsistent behavior with advisory condition evaluation
68565 PA\AlwaysOn AG/DAG collection query exhausting Connection Pool on Server
ID Component Description
67354 Licensing Allow free repository license to work for AGs
68499 Security Portal config encryption improvements
ID Component Description
68463 General Upgrade Overwrites Scalability Pack Enhanced Resolution values
68489 PA\AlwaysOn Distributed Availability Groups not visible in UI
ID Component Description
67163 Monitoring Service Advisory Conditions that query the SQLSentry database not honoring Monitoring Service's SQL Server auth configuration
68295 PA Memory Clerks: Incorrect counter category when watching Sql Server 2005
61104 Portal Portal: Case Sensitive database query optimizations
ID Component Description
68291 General Distributed Availability Group Support
68292 General Enhanced Failover Cluster Instance support
67222 PA\Fragmentation Manager Indexes: Collect Indexed Views
67061 PA\Plan Explorer PE: Implemented Azure AD - Password Support
ID Component Description
65849 Disk Forecasting Advanced disk forecasting errors out for SentryOne databases on SQL Server 2019
67706 Portal: Blocking Portal: Blocking Tab Incorrectly Shows the Head Blockers Application for all Sub-nodes
ID Component Description
67829 General SQL Sentry Rebrand
67733 Licensing Migrated to SolarWinds licensing
67040 PA\Dashboards New Memory Clerk Counters
63915 PA\Processes Add Processes to Well Known Processes
67068 PA\Top SQL SQL Sentry: Top SQL: Add Setting for XEvents Collection
66256 Portal: Alerts Portal: Update Alerts grid to reflect alert type
66819 Portal: Dashboards Portal: Custom Charts: Update metrics to use friendly counter name
66880 Portal: Dashboards Portal: Custom Dashboards: Add chart type selector for each metric
66097 Portal: EHO Portal: Add SentryOne Database server name to the top of Environment Heath Overview page
66998 TempDB TempDB: Increase Minimum TempDB Page Allocations Threshold to 128 pages
ID Component Description
66967 Licensing Premium license with ONLY Azure SQL DB product items does not permit Azure SQL DB targets to be added
67445 Monitoring Service Amazon RDS target collection errors with SQL Server Data Collector and Performance Analysis Data Collector
67578 PA Performance Analysis Tabs Missing for RDS Target
67447 PA\AlwaysOn Always-On collection fails for versions prior to SQL Server 2016
65696 PA\Dashboard SQL Server: Memory Node: Free Node Memory (KB) is skewing metrics in the SQL Server Memory Chart
63660 PA\Disk Space Disk Space: File size value incorrect for databases with multiple log files
67426 PA\Plan Explorer SQL Sentry: Query plans are mismatched with procedure calls in Plan Explorer
64721 PA\Top SSAS Incorrect events shown for Processing Commands on SSAS 2016+
67425 Plan Explorer Key violation errors during plan collection
66878 Portal: Dashboards Portal: Custom Dashboards: Default targets for widgets not filtered correctly
66943 Portal: Dashboards Portal: Performance: Last enabled legend item can be disabled
67259 Portal: Dashboards Portal: Update SQL Server Memory metrics to new counters
65376 Portal: Deadlocks Portal: Deadlocks: Deadlock XML Copy button scrolls with content
66952 Portal: Deadlocks Portal: Deadlocks: No Data File image misalignment when jumping to Deadlocks
67006 Portal: EHO Portal: EHO: Wait time is sorted ascending
ID Component Description
67349 PowerShell Enhanced PowerShell Capabilities to Allow Environment Settings Migration
ID Component Description
67484 PA\Fragmentation Manager Setting "Databases Source : Max Partitions to Collect per Database" not honored when set to a value > 500 for a SQL Server instance or a database.
67208 Portal Portal: Custom Charts: Chart fails to load when intervals cannot align
67332 Portal Portal: Area charts do not display correctly when monitoring service is restarted
ID Component Description
67156 Portal Portal: Dashboards broken from memory clerk counter migration
ID Component Description
65704 Alerting Add Condition Type column to Events Log
65723 Alerting Display Audit/Failsafe/General condition entries in Events Log for all action types
65871 Alerting Apply a default severity to Audit/Failsafe/General conditions
65973 Alerting Create "Info" severity level for all conditions
66571 Alerting Audit/Failsafe/General conditions impact health score
66724 Licensing Update SQL Sentry to use SolarWinds EULA
66455 PA\Dashboard New Memory Clerk counters for SQL Server 2012+
66573 Portal Portal: Enhanced Custom Dashboards
65500 Security Portal: Rights-based security support for AD Groups
65952 Security Portal: Enhanced Rights Based Security
ID Component Description
50182 EM\Event Chains Exception occurs when attempting to create a copy of an existing event chain
66428 PA\AlwaysOn SQL Server: AlwaysOn: DAG Collection: Stacked Area Charts Broken on Certain Views
64042 PA\Custom Conditions "Assigned user" not working in Events Log: Global and Global Conditions Action Settings
66618 PA\Disk Activity Timeouts on Disk Activity
65446 PA\ESXI VCenter - Denying access to certain Hosts prevents all hosts from being monitored
65085 Setup Portal Installation Fails when installing on any Drive other than C
66420 Setup SQL Sentry: Upgrade fails when upgrading to 2020.20.4
65512 Watching Targets not added to selected group
ID Component Description
66052 Monitoring Service EPI: Ability to change the account the monitoring service runs under
66386 Monitoring Service EPI: gMSA Support
65644 PA\Fragmentation Manager Reduce overhead of Table/Index Collection query
65585 Plan Explorer PE: Enable single break and thousands separator on histogram chart
66387 Setup\Setup Wizard Adjusted alert defaults applied during the setup wizard
ID Component Description
62458 Monitoring Service Improvements to collection of processes data
66054 PA\Dashboard System Memory is incorrect for VMs with NUMA nodes
ID Component Description
64914 Monitoring Service GMSA Support - Update SentryOne Service Configuration Utility
66214 Portal Portal: Distributed Database Support
65420 Portal Portal: Configuration Utility: Improved usability of messages dialog when SSL is enabled
ID Component Description
65432 Advisory Conditions AC Conditions List Evaluator does dot display Performance Counter SQL Server Category type
50148 Monitoring Service Limited Mode with SQL Server Authentication is causing Login Failures in the Server Security Logs
64105 Monitoring Service SSAS Trace Buffer Overflow
52863 PA\Disk Space Connection pool timeout errors related to disk forecasting
64407 PA\Top SSAS Opening Top Commands tab throws error and fails to load data
66032 Setup Upgrade to 2020.16.21 fails for SentryOne databases on Azure SQL Managed Instances
66169 Setup Improper Portal authentication can cause database failures when upgrading to version 2020.14+
ID Component Description
63979 General Update message for Version Check Connectivity
62497 PA\Fragmentation Manager Better messaging for Fragmentation Manager Wizard
63978 Portal EHO for Sites/Groups
64207 Setup\Setup Wizard Improve Database Connection Workflow in SentryOne Unified Installer
64208 Setup\Setup Wizard Add Feature Selection Options in SentryOne Unified Installer
ID Component Description
65321 Alerting SentryOne Client: Unchecking Alerting Channels causes "An Error Has Occurred" dialogue
64449 Monitoring Service EXECUTE Actions do not fire for the SQL Server: Deadlock alert or SQL Server Offline
65082 Monitoring Service Object Reference Error when adding RDS on non-default Port
62047 PA\Custom Conditions Unable to use custom baselines for Advisory Conditions
64742 PA\Custom Conditions Advisory Conditions with SentryOne Database Queries use incorrect Application Name
62601 Reports Error generating SQL Server Wait Stats Analysis report for SQL Server 2019
ID Component Description
65246 General EULA Update
64955 Licensing Update "DB Sentry" on About page to "Azure SQL DB"
64388 Portal Top SQL: Text Data: Show text data for both the Totals and Statements grids
64568 Portal Navigation Restyling and Behavior Changes
64571 Portal Navigation Hierarchy View With Sites and Groups
65079 Setup\Setup Wizard Improved instructions in SentryOne Unified Installer
ID Component Description
64109 Alerting Execute SQL Action does not work for ACs
57239 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Client bootstrapper from EPI throws error, but app still runs
64275 Monitoring Service Gaps in Monitoring for SQL 2019 Targets with High Number of Databases
64839 Monitoring Service SSAS monitoring fails when Object Memory Usage query times out
64675 Portal In-place upgrade from 2020.8.18 or lower fails for Portal
64885 Portal Dashboard: Charts are missing multi chart range selection
64895 Portal Dashboard: SQL Server Activity chart: Transactions not rendering in live mode
65239 Portal Dashboards: SQL Server Memory Chart not rendering PLE line correctly
64970 Setup Expired trial license when requesting a trial on cloud marketplace VMs
65084 Setup SQL Sentry: Upgrading from 11.0.40 or earlier fails when upgrading to 2020.14
ID Component Description
64210 PA\Dashboard Error collecting PDH data
ID Component Description
64833 Portal\TempDB Portal: TempDB Support (beta)
ID Component Description
52843 Alerting Advisory Conditions: Performance Counter Baseline values may be incorrect when used within Expressions
ID Component Description
64610 Portal EPI: Incorrect security configuration mapping and messaging for Portal install
ID Component Description
63873 Alerting Update Onboarding Wizard to Create a Contact Group for Alerts
63797 PA\Fragmentation Manager Enable index collection by default for targets
63947 Portal Portal: Windows Auth Support
64090 Portal Portal: Create a group for all unwatched targets
64111 Portal Portal: SSL Support
ID Component Description
60341 Reports Core SSRS query continues to run even when all reports are unwatched
32131 Setup SMTP test errors when using SMTP server with authentication
ID Component Description
64130 Setup\Setup Wizard Fix workflow with onboarding wizard in marketplace images
ID Component Description
64084 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Optimizations to histogram components
63834 Portal Portal: Add "Jump to Deadlocks" and "Deadlocks" option to Dashboard, Health, and Alerts
ID Component Description
63801 General Unable to add case sensitive Azure SQL managed instances
61829 PA\AlwaysOn AlwaysOn Graph does not populate correctly after Failover
63903 Portal\Deadlocks Portal: Deadlocks: Time conversion is not working correctly
63370 Portal\EHO Portal: All Servers are displaying unwatched targets in the environment
60342 Reports AWS RDS Instances not an available option for Reports
ID Component Description
63700 PA\Blocking Blocking SQL for Azure SQL DB
62390 PA\Dashboard Change Memory Reservation counter color
58952 PA\Plan Explorer Plan Explorer: New plan normalization engine
61756 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Plan Explorer: Index Analysis: Series for tipping point range and query estimated and actual rows
61758 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Plan Explorer: Index Analysis: Support for Filter operation predicates and parameters
61761 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Plan Explorer: Index Analysis: Support for "IS" predicate comparison type
59647 PA\Top SQL Top SQL: Include column chooser options when in Show Totals mode
63795 Portal Portal: Support for Blocking SQL
63796 Portal Portal: Support for Deadlocks
61899 Setup Integrate SentryOne Portal installation into SQL Sentry Unified Installer
ID Component Description
59734 Monitoring Service PDH error: The specified object was not found on the computer
60135 Monitoring Service Trace engine error when monitoring a read-intent only secondary replica
61786 Monitoring Service Duplicate XEvents when monitoring specific Azure SQL Databases
61856 PA\Dashboard Performance Analysis: Azure SQL DB: Dashboard: Baseline dropdown menu is not displayed in the header
60125 PA\Fragmentation Manager Index Analysis does not run as schedule for AWS RDS Instances
54411 Reports Reports: Action Counts report uses UTC time when deployed to SSRS report server
ID Component Description
35249 PA\Actions Log Add Execute PowerShell action type as filter option in Actions Log
ID Component Description
61605 Licensing Evaluation licenses do not honor free monitoring of SentryOne database server
62599 PA\Azure SQL DB Execute SQL action does not work for Azure SQL DB targets
ID Component Description
62640 General SQL Sentry: Updated EULA
52328 Monitoring Service Ability to skip SCSI drive collection
61511 Reports Show Waits by category for Azure SQL DB targets in Waits report
ID Component Description
60954 Enhanced Platform Installer Uninstall via command line does not delete bootstrapper files
62055 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Fix excessive logging for process types that are not installed
51880 PA\AlwaysOn AlwaysOn - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ID Component Description
61868 General SentryOne Portal Release
58683 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Add CLI support for updating service password remotely
60289 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Controller service checks for new version and performs upgrade when available
60786 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Monitor Portal included in EPI package
61251 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Allow for installation to a non-default location
56559 PA\Dashboard Display SQL Server Memory Clerks on the SQL Server Memory Chart
60254 Reports Add Azure SQL DB targets in Performance Reports
48297 Security Add new "allow_least_privilege" database role
58405 Security Integrate changes for authenticating Azure SQL DB using Azure AD
ID Component Description
46421 Monitoring Service False positive "Incorrect configuration for inbound data buffering" error occurs on non-standard SQL Server targets
54594 Monitoring Service XE Orphaned after Monitoring Service Shutdown not being cleaned up
56687 Monitoring Service Azure SQL Database: Failed to update database because the database is read-only
36704 PowerShell Register-Connection returns "The navigation hierarchy has changed" error
58452 Reports Managed Instance targets are not available parameters for Reports
ID Component Description
59618 PA\Disk Activity Query to collect filestats information for SQL Server data files does not return data
ID Component Description
58610 Enhanced Platform Installer EPI: Create database support on Azure Managed Instance
ID Component Description
57824 PA\Top SQL Query/Proc Stats values not accurate in certain instances for Azure SQL DB targets
58572 PA\Top SQL XEvents CPU scale incorrect for non Azure SQL Server
ID Component Description
52419 PA\Dashboard Display Columnstore and In-Memory OLTP memory counters on performance dashboard
53140 PA\Top SQL Add memory allocation columns to Top SQL
58250 PA\Top SQL Top SQL Completed Queries for Azure SQL DB
ID Component Description
50094 Alerting Blocking SQL Duration Threshold Max alert functions inconsistently with a Ruleset
55441 PA\Disk Space SentryOne tries to read from an offline database to get disk space metrics
52164 PA\ESXI Disk I/O charts on VMware host dashboard are in KB instead of MB
ID Component Description
56106 PA\Plan Explorer Plan operator icon refresh
ID Component Description
50222 PA\AlwaysOn Monitoring services run Always On collector queries across sites
50162 PA\Disk Activity Mount Points are not mapping correctly in the Disk IO dropdown
ID Component Description
54266 Enhanced Platform Installer Enhanced Platform Installer
47956 Monitoring Service Remove SysAdmin Requirement for Monitoring SQL Server
43436 PA\Actions Log Add Database Name to DB Sentry Advisory Condition Alerts
47973 Site Configuration Essentials: Allow creation of multiple sites
ID Component Description
50835 EM Event Calendar Pane duration filter is set to incorrect default
50444 General Client Crash when missing repositories.PREF file and Registry entries
52527 General Exception after upgrading to .NET Framework 4.8
45723 Licensing Essentials licenses can't be converted to/from other license types
49645 PA\APS Distributed Queries Tab Export Save Loop
46418 PA\Disk Activity Read Bytes not being collected for SQL files
51051 PA\Managed Instance SQL server data collector and performance analysis data collector errors on Managed Instances
49189 PA\Plan Explorer PE: Exception occurs when no plan is associated with a statement
52166 PA\Plan Explorer Missing Index script generated with incorrect syntax
36898 PA\Top SQL Top SQL: Reset Grid shows columns not normally available in Top SQL
48745 PA\Top SQL High CPU from plan retrieval
52013 PowerShell Execute Powershell: Failed Action When Against "Monitoring Server"
ID Component Description
45435 Alerting 'SQL Server Agent Alert: Alert Fired' condition no longer works
39134 Monitoring Service Maintenance Windows not working for failovers for a single monitoring service
49483 Monitoring Service Monitoring Service cannot recover while a Azure SQL Data Warehouse instance is paused when starting
47543 PA\Plan Explorer Unhandled exception when selecting root Sequence operator
48264 PA\Plan Explorer NullReferenceException when clicking Get Actual Plan for certain queries
48459 PA\Plan Explorer Icon for Window Spool operator is missing
ID Component Description
47656 PA\APS Improve performance when monitoring Gen2 Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Native Shuffle enabled
47620 PA\Plan Explorer Swap key and RID lookup icons
ID Component Description
47270 PA\Disk Space Index creation on DS.DfeResults to improve query performance
ID Component Description
47474 PA SQL Sentry Essentials General Availability
44666 PA\APS Improve collection of DMS counter data for APS/DW
23381 PA\Plan Explorer Change memory fraction units to MB instead of KB
41701 PA\Plan Explorer Implement new operator icons in plan diagram
44424 PA\Plan Explorer Implement latest showplanxml.xsd from SSMS v18
48153 PA\Virtualization Support VMware 6.7 Support
ID Component Description
44103 PA\APS Fixed Exception: Cannot insert the value NULL into NOT NULL column of temp table
44105 PA\APS Fixed Exception: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute"
42412 PA\Plan Explorer Statement and Text Data sections initialize collapsed (HiDPi)
ID Component Description
46094 General Update EULA with new address
ID Component Description
45316 PA\Disk Space Update Disk Space chart text for new targets
45315 PA\Storage Forecasting Storage Forecasting: Improved handling of missing data
ID Component Description
44729 Contacts\Groups Emails under Groups in Navigator show up as "SentryOne.App.Storage..."
45634 Contacts\Users User node in Navigator displays raw SID if no email assigned
45323 Monitoring Service Windows Performance Monitor message: Task is not in-active, and cannot be initialized
45616 Monitoring Service Data Collection failure may occur for top database files
45261 Object Groups Object Groups: EventSourceObject Settings and Conditions not working
45873 PA\APS APS Exception: "Cannot insert the value NULL ..."
45299 PA\Disk Space Exception when selecting a file in a share on the Disk Space tab
45291 Watching Exception when watching target from Azure AD connected client
45629 Watching Exception when watching target from a disconnected domain machine
ID Component Description
44817 PA Storage forecasting performance enhancements
ID Component Description
44854 General Global Settings: Exception when external scripts disabled
44699 PA Windows Performance Monitor Error "Message: Task is not in-active, and cannot be initialized"
41696 PA\AlwaysOn Resolve AlwaysOn Health Log sync errors due to enlistment in distributed transaction
44634 PA\AlwaysOn Exception thrown in AlwaysOn overview
44878 PA\Plan Explorer Make Index Analysis highlighting compatible with pre-18.5 session files
44641 Setup Resolve 18.5 upgrade errors if the SentryOne folder is not in the AppData path for the interactive user
ID Component Description
23876 Alerting Email alerts can now be sent in HTML or Plain text
41105 General Always show system session_ids in blocking chains
43204 General Updated SentryOne help to use
43339 General Rename "Event View" settings tab to "Event Calendar"
40928 Monitoring Service Optimize applock usage to prevent long block chains
35335 PA Addition of Replication Performance Counters to SentryOne
36703 PA Machine learning based disk forecasting
39022 PA Standard analytics based disk forecasting
34312 PA\Advisory Conditions Disk forecasting support for Advisory Conditions
39985 PA\Advisory Conditions Updates to relative date functionality in Advisory Conditions
40565 PA\Advisory Conditions Add Execute SSAS Query to SSAS Advisory Conditions
39937 PA\Azure SQL DB DB Sentry Resource Usage Chart to adjust based on DTU or VCore mode
39960 PA\Azure SQL DB Collect additional CPU & DTU information for DB Sentry targets
34311 PA\Disk Space Disk forecasting enhancements to Disk Space tab
42839 PA\SSAS SSAS Hard Memory Limit support
34310 Reports Windows Disk Forecasting report
30595 Server Health Status When going from EHO to Events Log, filter to only open events
44209 UI Various High DPI improvements
ID Component Description
41845 PA\APS APS DW "unobserved exception was rethrown by the finalizer thread" while scrolling in Completed requests
41499 PA\Custom Conditions Overriding the default evaluation frequency for an AC on the condition settings tab does not work
42400 PA\QuickTrace Quick Trace Column Chooser Exception
ID Component Description
42575 PA\Dashboard 18.4.4 upgrade overwrites custom wait categories for installed wait types
ID Component Description
42076 Monitoring Service\Cloud Synchronization Do not sync Top SQL data when Top SQL is not checked in Cloud Sync
42023 PA\Custom Conditions "Unsupported Target" Evaluation for Windows counters in Advisory Conditions of type "SQL Server"
ID Component Description
41500 Monitoring Service Update OldDurationStats proc call frequency to improve performance
41503 Monitoring Service Reduce Virtual Machine query call volume to improve performance
41517 Monitoring Service Reduce applock usage to improve performance in high latency environments
41538 Monitoring Service Adjust ConnectionParameterStore applock usage to improve performance in high latency environments
41716 Monitoring Service Update target distribution logic to improve performance in high latency environments
ID Component Description
33808 Alerting Maintenance windows not working for failovers with two or more sites
41510 Alerting Deep Linking only opens client to start page
31434 UI Start Page is not the first tab when restoring a saved S1 session
ID Component Description
40754 Database Ensure that new wait types are installed for upgraded installations
36067 PA\Dashboard Wait type changes and additions
ID Component Description
40967 Licensing Client crash on load when there is a license key mismatch
37114 Watching Local Admin check failing on Target Watch when using non-standard Groups
ID Component Description
40741 Cloud Platform Provide monitoring support for Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server
37419 PA\Dashboard Change High Memory Limit to Total Memory Limit in BI Sentry
32220 PA\Plan Explorer Add Adaptive Join operator icon
35482 PA\Plan Explorer Implement ShowPlanXML.xsd 1.8 from SSMS 17.5
36237 PA\Plan Explorer Double-click actions should not try to manage indexes
36994 PA\Plan Explorer Update estimated rows and row goal handling
37634 PA\Plan Explorer Add UDF metrics to statement grid and warnings to root operator
38218 PA\Plan Explorer Apply opacity for operators with 0 executions + 0 actual rows
38954 PA\Plan Explorer Add schema to operator object name in diagram
39162 PA\Plan Explorer Simplify color scaling
38727 PA\Top SQL Implement Query Stats functionality for RDS Target
38728 PA\Top SQL Implement Procedure Stats functionality for RDS Target
ID Component Description
37920 Alerting Condition Actions: Server List does not display SQL Server targets until Navigator node is expanded for target
28280 PA\APS Jumping to Distributed Queries from an APS/DW query doesn't honor Calendar date range
32549 PA\APS All APS/Azure DW Distributed Queries messages do not include all details
39028 PA\Custom Conditions Advisory Conditions list refreshes description area multiple times per refresh and flickers/freezes
35838 PA\Deadlocks XE Trace not capturing Database Name for Deadlocks
37889 PA\Plan Explorer Statement grid column filters treat all values as text
37897 PA\Plan Explorer ASYNC_NETWORK_IO truncated to NETWORK_IO on Wait Stats tab
38075 PA\Plan Explorer Memory grant warning message has incorrect values
35815 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Exception: Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'
38326 Watching SSAS targets should not support Limited Access mode
ID Component Description
30163 PA\Deadlocks Convert Deadlock Diagram to use WPF
30164 PA\Deadlocks Add optimizations for large and complex Deadlock Diagrams
30480 PA\Deadlocks Add playback capability to Deadlock Visualization
35723 PA\Deadlocks Add requestType and lockPartition info to Deadlock Visualization
38637 PA\Deadlocks Update Deadlock Diagram styling
38739 PA\Deadlocks Addition of Playback and Zoom controls to Deadlock Diagram
39055 UI Improved deep linking in desktop client when multiple SentryOne databases exist
ID Component Description
38762 Database Exception: An item with the same key has already been added (R Services and SQL Sentry Monitoring Service)
ID Component Description
35327 Database Preserve customized repository database values on upgrade
37635 PA\Disk Activity Improved system performance for SQL Server instances with a large number of files
ID Component Description
38209 PA\Top SSAS Query details for MDX Top Commands displays Tabular detail columns
35600 Watching Adding a SQL Server target with a specified port defaults to limited access mode
ID Component Description
37597 PA\Dashboard Errors updating Database IO charts on the dashboard
ID Component Description
32742 Database Support creating Repository on Managed SQL Instance
21325 Monitoring Service\Cloud Synchronization Remove 60, 45, and 30 min cloud sync interval options
36053 PA Add new CXCONSUMER wait counter
36237 PA\Plan Explorer Double-click actions should not try to manage indexes
36994 PA\Plan Explorer Update estimated rows and row goal handling
36771 PA\Processes Add support for Machine Learning Services to Processes tab
35043 UI\Navigator Allow users to alias targets only in the navigator
33180 Watching Support Managed Instance Target Type
ID Component Description
34838 Monitoring Service Service configuration utility does not work on monitoring service only installs
37172 PA\Advisory Conditions Advisory Condition evaluation may cause high waits and resource contention on repository server
35033 PA\APS Exception thrown when right-clicking a Distributed Queries row before data loads
37871 PA\Top SQL Top SQL Runtime History refreshes the statements grid every time you click the statements grid
34054 PA\Top SSAS SSAS trace error: SqlDateTime overflow
37861 Setup Install of 18.1 fails on Windows 7 32 bit
36896 UI Conditions list tags filtering does not work with multiple tags
33090 UI\Navigator Unable to remove monitoring service from navigator pane
35281 UI\Navigator Watch option is not available and Stop Watching is nonfunctional on instance/EM nodes that have not been expanded
37621 UI\Navigator When instance is not expanded and Watch All > Objects or Watch > All SQL Agent Alerts is selected, it does not trigger watch of individual alerts
37299 Watching Unable to add FCI target when using core based licensing
37424 Watching Watching SSAS instance when a port is specified may result in error
37516 Watching Unable to watch individual nodes for an FCI cluster with Performance Analysis
ID Component Description
35053 General Create tile view UI component for Repository Connection Picker
37476 General Discontinue support for client or service on systems prior to Windows 2008R2 SP1
26730 PA\APS Add setting to allow disable of SQL statement plan collection
26467 PA\BI Sentry Add labels within Client to denote Tabular or (MDX) Multidimensional
28208 PA\BI Sentry Add collection for VertiPaq performance counters
31459 PA\BI Sentry Dashboard updates for enhanced SSAS Tabular support
35109 PA\Dashboard Add Baseline functionality to new dashboard for BI Sentry Tabular
35255 PA\Dashboard Dashboard load performance enhancements
31648 PA\SSAS Usage Totals SSAS Object Memory Usage collection for Tabular
34870 PA\Top SSAS Top Commands update for enhanced DAX analysis
36252 Setup\Setup Wizard Resize startup wizard screens
ID Component Description
37164 Alerting ServerName parameter passes incorrect value
35605 EM Event Calendar: Data / Events do not display when Calendar is opened at the target level
32837 PA\APS Optimize data collection polling frequency
33999 PA\APS Optimize inefficient dashboard EF queries
34000 PA\APS Exception: "Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '_' to data type int."
36050 PA\APS Selecting a row in the Distributed Queries tab does not pause auto-refresh
36203 PA\APS Request steps are being collected for non-collected requests
35101 PA\Dashboard NullReferenceException thrown when clicking the '...' button next to the Baseline dropdown
35758 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: Unable to process object ID ###
35820 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: An item with the same key has already been added
35827 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
35709 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Exception: Attempting Index Analysis with insufficient permissions
35754 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Null reference exception : Index Analyzer UpdateIndexAnalysisReferenceItemData
35755 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Exception: Index must be within the bounds of the List
37005 PA\Top SQL Top SQL show totals mode displays queries from multiple instances for child rows
36698 Watching Connection succeeded but the instance does not belong to target error when adding clustered instances FCI
ID Component Description
35825 PA\AlwaysOn SQL Server Data Collector Fails when Replica in Distributed AG
ID Component Description
35606 Monitoring Service Remove TempDB & Model checks for TempDB Staging
35801 PA\Top SQL Top SQL Performance Enhancements
ID Component Description
35882 PA\Disk Activity Mount Points not showing in Disk Activity & Disk Space Tabs
ID Component Description
35580 Database SQL Authentication from Monitoring Service to Repository fails when IsPADataWriterBufferingEnabled is set to True
ID Component Description
34819 Advisory Conditions Publish AC Pack
27388 Alerting Sort Advisory Condition types in ascending order
34518 Monitoring Service Change certain worker threads over to use physical threads so they do not starve the thread pool
34565 Monitoring Service Optimize Hyper-V wmi collection to improve performance and reduce thread pool pressure
34587 Monitoring Service Make all db access for dynamic condition evaluation logging async/await
34817 Monitoring Service Resolve Monitoring Issues on ENG machines
34967 Monitoring Service Alter service heartbeat to use dedicated threads
34876 PA\Deadlocks Change "View" to "Open" for Plans in Deadlocks
34883 PA\Processes Change Process data capture to reduce bloat
33936 UI\Navigator General Navigator performance enhancements
ID Component Description
33790 Monitoring Service Monitoring service hang on stop with large number of watched targets
31797 PA\APS Suspended requests in APS/DW can be shown as completed and never updated
31799 PA\APS APS/DW requests are filtered by Submit Time in Distributed Queries tab
32803 PA\APS Jump To > Runtime Stats for APS/DW requests should jump to End Time
34590 PA\Dashboard SSAS Storage File Write chart can be blank in History mode
34553 PA\Top SQL Ensure a default statement is selected when switching between Top SQL tabs
34514 UI Status light update frequency modified
34825 UI\Navigator Handle Navigator UI display where client is run on OS without themes configured
34846 UI\Navigator Navigator not populating expand icons
ID Component Description
25429 Alerting Execute PowerShell Action
34115 Alerting Change default Message Action Throttled alert threshold from 10 to 2 per hour
20808 General Application telemetry settings
31902 General Include "Incomplete" in index IX_GlobalViews for table dbo.EventsourceHistory
32464 General Change default for performance data writer batch size
32463 Licensing Remove restriction on Free Repository License
24460 PA Support wait types and well known services through SQL Server 2016
20641 PA\Azure SQL DB Advisory Condition support for Azure SQL Database
27114 PA\Azure SQL DB Remove encryption from Azure SQL DB monitoring procedures
32649 PA\Top Queries\Top SQL Top SQL feature redesign
20687 PA\Virtualization Support Advisory Condition support for VMware hosts
20807 Setup Option to opt out of sending application telemetry data during installation
ID Component Description
29439 Alerting Advisory Condition email alert URLs do not open Event Log
32904 Alerting False positive Hyper-V VM Moved messages
29511 General Unwatching a Windows Target has an extra cycle of relaunching the dashboard
30496 General Date / Time is not being displayed in the user’s regional date format
30633 General Exception: Add Target from Favorites node
30647 General Exception "Object reference at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI.Controls.PerformanceAdvisor..."
30706 General Adding a SQL Server or SSAS Target via the Favorites node does not add the target to Favorites
30773 General Favorites node does not appear after clicking Show Favorite Targets
32868 General Memory leak caused by message exceptions
29642 Monitoring Service Synchronization Error: 'SqlSentry.Server.PerformanceMonitorFactory' threw an exception
33162 Monitoring Service Potential memory leak leading to monitoring service crash
30630 PA\Blocking Host column is always blank for blocking events
29671 PA\Fragmentation Manager Fragmentation Manager analysis schedules perform unexpectedly on instances in different timezones
31085 PA\Top Queries\Top SQL Exporting Top SQL Procedure/Query Stats results in wrong scale for Average Duration
27342 PA\Virtualization Support Watching VMware host from Virtualization node does not populate Target name field in wizard
30925 PA\Virtualization Support System Memory is incorrect for VMs with NUMA nodes
32054 PA\Virtualization Support Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'Tintri.VirtualMachine'
32703 PA\Virtualization Support vCenter Properties cannot be changed and saved when Use Windows session auth is unchecked
29492 PowerShell NullArgument Error displayed when attempting to use the Connect-SQLSentry cmdlet
30495 PowerShell Type Initialization Error thrown when executing PowerShell cmdlets
32931 Security EHO and Start Page do not load for users in the deny_actions_read role
33161 SQLSentry\Virtualization Support VMware Metrics Not appearing on FCI Dashboard
31119 Watching Unable to fully watch a Windows target using the IP address or FQDN
ID Component Description
32138 General Minimize locking on sysjob tables for SQL Server job history event source
ID Component Description
32137 Monitoring Opening the Add Target form may fail due to an invalid connection string
ID Component Description
31905 PA\Blocking Configuration added to enable or disable object resolution for Blocking/Deadlocks
29783 PA\SQL Server on Linux [PREVIEW] - Support for monitoring SQL Server on Linux - SQL Dashboard
ID Component Description
24746 General Reporting Service Event Source no longer exists for Availability Group Secondary
31725 General Cloud link is pointing to an incorrect page
31121 PA\Blocking Implement alternative object resolution mechanism for Blocking\Deadlocks to work around SQL Server limitation
31574 PA\Deadlocks Deadlocking on WriteNormalizedText
29109 PA\Top Queries\Top SQL Active statement column is blank for running queries
30548 PA\Virtualization Support False positive Hyper-V VM Moved messages
ID Component Description
29849 PA\Plan Explorer Support for ShowPlanXML schema that arrived with SQL Server 2016 SP1
30775 PA\Plan Explorer Add Estimated Number of Rows to be Read to tooltip
ID Component Description
28023 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Index analysis does not work with partitioned tables
28279 General Possible that the initial client load can have the Navigator pane hidden
ID Component Description
29539 General Substantially improve client load times for high latency environments
29540 General Decouple the navigator refresh interval from the calendar refresh interval
ID Component Description
30135 General Exception "System.InvalidOperationException Collection was modified enumeration operation may not execute"
29108 Monitoring Service Page level blocking resource query always specifies the same DB id
28663 PA Switching from Limited to Full access may cause initialization problems
29807 PA\Disk Activity MB/sec charts are incorrect for SQL files
27776 PA\Fragmentation Manager Table/index data collection query times out on databases with a high number of partitions
29760 PA\Top Queries\Top SQL Clicking Show Totals button can clear data from Completed Queries grid
29643 PA\Virtualization Support Add % to the counter names for Co-Stop and Ready Time
ID Component Description
28761 General On the start page, expand the EHO section to the full page if no internet connectivity exists
26656 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Generate parameters representing literal values
29208 PA\Virtualization Support Modify collection frequency for VMware counters to improve performance
29215 Setup Prevent on-boarding wizard from adding duplicate actions for send to alerting channels
29252 Setup Exclude "Building Block" conditions from sending to alerting channels or email during on-boarding
ID Component Description
26739 Database Changing tempdb collation on a monitored server causes collation conflict
29368 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Index Analysis statement and data is not updating correctly when switching between statements
29633 Watching Access denied when watching windows components of a SQL Server target prevents completion of SQL Server watch
ID Component Description
29069 Server Health Status Default to a score of 100 when no Advisory Condition events are available
29131 Setup Provide a way to run onboarding again from the tools menu
ID Component Description
29220 PA Plan Cache Hit Ratio counters not collected
29130 PA\Advisory Conditions Users may not be prompted to install Advisory Condition pack after upgrade
ID Component Description
28709 Alerting Updates for New Advisory Conditions Pack Available dialog
28731 General Update report menu labels in the SentryOne client
29031 General Return the ability to remove SentryOne database connections from the SentryOne connection dialog
27678 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Remove Table Scan operations from supported operations for Index Analysis
27779 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Remove table valued functions from the supported operations for Index Analysis
27781 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Remove key lookup operations from the list of selected operations
ID Component Description
26760 Alerting Recurring actions for Time Based Response Rulesets do not honor Windows
26992 General Exception: "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: AddDevice." at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI.Controls.AddDevice.UpdateMonitoringServiceAvailabilityInGrid()
28579 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at GUI.DeviceGroupUIHandler
29017 Licensing Check for if individual license items have expired should be UTC
29122 Monitoring Service Optimize CPU usage for monitoring service
28955 PA\Deadlocks Problems opening estimated plans from Deadlocks tab with complex text data
28737 PA\Disk Activity Template charts show when Disk Activity chart first loads
28848 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Script dialog does not always execute what is displayed in the script
27933 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Index Analysis incorrectly prefers include over key column when scoring indexes with certain properties
28538 PA\Virtualization Support VM's do not prompt to reopen when moved to new host
28587 PA\Virtualization Support Unwatched VMware guests don't disappear from host dashboard after migrating off
28873 PA\Virtualization Support VMware IOPS and reads show incorrect values
28930 Setup Audit Conditions are automatically assigned the Send Email action upon installation
ID Component Description
28922 General Client displays warning message for license keys containing expired legacy products
28941 General Fixed memory leak in the performance data collection engine
ID Component Description
28846 General Improve handling of transient performance collection errors
28866 UI Splash screen may hide license expiration message
ID Component Description
20620 General Support for SSMS 2016 for the SQL Sentry Addin
25997 Licensing Product Licensing for Tintri appliances
28769 Licensing Licensing & Core Product SKU consolidation
25427 Monitoring Service Integrate Performance Data Helper (PDH) library into performance data collection engine
20423 PA\Advisory Conditions Azure SQL Data Warehouse Advisory Conditions support
28771 PA\Disk Activity Historical Charts for Disk Activity
28800 PA\Disk Activity Tintri storage array performance metrics and charts
13933 PA\Plan Explorer Re-costing of actual plans
21299 PA\Plan Explorer Add 2016 ShowPlan icons and operators
27562 PA\Plan Explorer Live Query performance charts
23909 Server Health Status Environment Health Overview
22876 Setup Pre-populate the Target name when selecting Add instance from the virtualization tree
28770 Setup New product onboarding process
20810 UI Redesign layout for System Settings
23312 UI Improved context sensitivity for Settings categories
23317 UI Consolidated Settings categories
22850 UI\Navigator Indicate when a Target is offline in the navigator
23361 UI\Navigator Reorganized Navigator tree to be more intuitive
ID Component Description
6277 Alerting Condition settings filter may not be applied for some conditions
8621 Alerting SMTP password not saved if set from Monitoring Service Settings
15145 Alerting Maintenance Windows do not honor time zone differences
23364 Alerting Advisory Conditions do not provide raw counters for Page Life Expectancy
23366 Alerting Client URL links in notifications don't work for repositories on named instances
8396 General Exception thrown when saving an SMTP server group with no SMTP servers
9887 General XEvent timestamp returned as integer instead of datetime
20748 General Target name is not listed when using the "Log To Windows Event Log" action for Advisory conditions
21043 General Exception "System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32"
21186 General Exception: "Incorrect syntax near ')'." at ScheduleGroupAccessor.SaveAllObjectSchedules
23745 General Exception: "Paths that begin with \\?\GlobalRoot are internal to the kernel..." at SqlSentry.IO.PathAnalysis.ShareFile.GetPathRoot
24569 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at WindowsPerformanceConsoleBase.GetSettingTypeForCurrentTab()
25153 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at Virtualization.HyperVVirtualMachineNode.GetImage()
25553 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at VCenterServerNode.RefreshSubNodesFromRepositoryInternal
25560 General Exception: "No rows were updated or deleted." at PerformanceData.GetCustomCounterDataRangeByTimestamp
23591 PA\APS APS Error: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.PerformanceAnalysisPlan with unique index IX_PerformanceAnalysisPlan_PlanHash
25329 PA\APS Entity Validation Errors ClientID field is required
18331 PA\Blocking Replace query to fix page level blocking resource query times out on servers with large buffers
26000 PA\Custom Conditions\Events Log Jump to Dashboard from Advisory Conditions Events Log for Hyper-V Host dashboard does not work as expected
22663 PA\Dashboard Signal Waits are not overlaid properly in Sample mode
24735 PA\Dashboard Disk IO latency graph on VMware host has incorrect axis labels in History mode
24736 PA\Dashboard Duplicate vCPU Wait Time and Ballooned legend items when both Target and multiple Instances are watched
20230 PA\Fragmentation Manager Fragmentation Manager analysis schedules perform unexpectedly on instances in different timezones
21029 PA\Plan Explorer Azure DB database name can be appended to Server Name in Connect window
27141 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis IA: Script button does not work if a cell outside of the Index column is selected
25978 Watching Performance Monitor Error when monitoring Azure SQL DB from a service that has en-UK locale configured
ID Component Description
22944 PA\Virtualization Support Collect VMware UUID for ESXi and VMware guests
ID Component Description
16885 General Event History Monitor Error: 'The remote procedure call failed and did not execute"
20512 General Exception: "tabbedHistoryViewParameters.DeviceAccessor == null"
24379 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at MainForm.OnClosing(CancelEventArgs e)
24573 General WMI data collection error: An item with the same key has already been added
24443 PA\Dashboard Create Baseline option only appears on menu over grid line
23260 PA\Disk Areas Misaligned partitions are not highlighted in Disk tabs
24392 PA\Disk Areas Partition and offset information is missing from the logical disk tooltips
24416 PA\Disk Areas Invalid disks show up in Disk tabs
24589 PA\Top SQL Plans may not be collected for trace events
24471 PA\Virtualization Support Problem with reported Hyper-V host for server that is part of a WSFC
24562 PA\Virtualization Support Network usage percentages on VMware hosts in history mode may be incorrect
ID Component Description
21321 Database\Schema Convert ntext/text columns to nvarchar(max) in remote objects
17059 General Limit data pulled from DMV's during initialization for APS and SQL DW
24581 General SQL Server 2016 support
24196 Licensing Core Based licensing support for Hyper-V hosts
20229 PA\Dashboard Set the default Performance Advisor dashboard mode to history instead of sample
20733 PA\Dashboard Allow CPU Usage (VM) VMware host dashboard chart to scale beyond 100%
22891 PA\Dashboard When using Jump To VM dashboard from host dashboard use the selected time range as applicable
22913 PA\Dashboard Combine reads and writes chart in sample mode on host dashboards
22914 PA\Dashboard Change host dashboard throughput charts to MB/sec rather than KB/sec
23035 PA\Dashboard Change host dashboard network chart conversions to use Mbps
23036 PA\Dashboard Improve host dashboard network sample charts
23502 PA\Dashboard Normalize dashboard legend labels for disk throughput
15984 PA\Deadlocks Resolve data rows for key lock hash values in deadlocks
24539 PA\Disk Area Support for displaying SQL files hosted on network shares
20236 PA\Fragmentation Manager Reduce rowcount test number in index data collection query
18313 PA\Plan Explorer Better handling of filtering large numbers of statements
18325 PA\Plan Explorer Maintain plan node selection of history entries as part of the state in .pesession file
973 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Add paddles to both sides of layout control sliders
21337 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Multiple improvements to index scoring logic
17146 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Full support for anonymization of live query data
20198 PA\Virtualization Support Updates to CPU chart for VMware hosts for Co-Stop % and Ready Time %
24192 PA\Virtualization Support Support for monitoring Hyper-V hosts with Performance Advisor
24193 PA\Virtualization Support Hyper-V host Dashboard
24194 PA\Virtualization Support Hyper-V host Disk Activity view
24195 PA\Virtualization Support Hyper-V host Disk Space view
18253 UI Improve user experience when adding Target from Virtualization hierarchy
19790 UI Improve wording of Watch Target Wizard
16113 UI\Navigator Improve visibility logic for Custom Condition nodes
ID Component Description
16852 Alerting In progress Blocking SQL notification shows incorrect End Time
22915 Database Database connection window not provided if the client fails to locate the database
20329 EM\Runtime Graphs Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at TraceStatementManagementLoader..."
17388 General Exception is thrown when the ConsoleMessageQueue table is populated
19858 General Disabling Collect Trace Events disables settings for Collect Query Stats
21044 PA\Azure SQL DB Cannot monitor an Azure SQL Database if it belongs to an Elastic Pool
21039 PA\Custom Conditions No Value may be incorrectly displayed for some set-based results
21400 PA\Custom Conditions Excessive blocking related to Custom Condition Evaluation Status pane
19751 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Min/Max values missing for certain metrics on long durations
19842 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Right-clicking on a legend item to change metric is not functional
20632 PA\Disk Space Disk tabs Size and Used values may not properly update during refresh
20097 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: "An item with the same key has already been added at PlanQueryProfile..."
21279 PA\Plan Explorer Live Query Profile does not work on first attempt after starting new session
21387 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: "Index was out of range at System.Collections.ArrayList.get_Item"
23786 PA\Plan Explorer Actual Costs context menu option displayed with red border when disabled
21391 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Multiple Index Analysis tabs may appear after upgrade
21278 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Selecting a different history item before a query is done may update the wrong item and cause duplicates
23498 PA\Virtualization Support Disk IO (VM) latency charts may show no data under certain circumstances
19683 PowerShell Register-Computer returns "navigation hierarchy has changed" error
10349 Reports SQL Server File Utilization - By Database report shows data before the database was created
20255 Reports Data File Size counter mislabeled in Performance Counter reports
18101 Security When adding AD groups as a Contact Group, the rights assigned affect all users of the client
18100 UI "Show list" option for databases does not properly open the list when changing servers
ID Component Description
21050 EM Jumping to Dashboard from calendar event uses incorrect start time
21051 EM\Azure SQL DB Problem opening Procedure Stats and Query Stats events from calendar and runtime stats
ID Component Description
20633 PA\Azure SQL DB Improved Azure Top SQL Collection
19834 PA\Custom Conditions Updated custom condition sharing terminology to better reflect purpose
ID Component Description
17448 EM\Event Chains Daylight saving time can cause a chain to hang in running state
20621 General Exception: "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null"
19825 PA Tab Synchronization can become deselected
20724 PA\APS Collector failing with sys.dm_pdw_request_steps data
20725 PA\APS Duplicate key violations within Entity Framework during APS data collection
20581 PA\Custom Conditions Custom conditions may not evaluate correctly when using set-based matching if an evaluator is repeated
20347 PA\Plan Explorer Object reference not set message when cancelling "Get Actual Plan"
20739 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Exception "Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
20747 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Exception "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
20440 PA\Virtualization Support Disk specific information may not be properly updated when a VM is migrated and the site contains multiple monitoring services
20637 UI\Navigator Refreshing the Event Chain node after moving a chain into a folder causes node duplication
ID Component Description
14132 Alerting Add Event Chain Created and Event Chain Deleted conditions
17662 Database Set the minimum repository SQL Server version to SQL Server 2008
9855 EM\Runtime Graphs\Top SQL Runtime Management Include Database as a predicate when selecting Top SQL Runtime Statistics for the Runtime History graph
13297 Licensing Core Based Licensing for hypervisors (aka VM hosts)
12457 PA\APS Add Active Query Display to Queries Tab for APS / SQL DW
13914 PA\APS Add Jump To > Runtime Stats as an option for Distributed Queries
9639 PA\Azure SQL DB Support for monitoring Azure SQL Database (single Database)
12735 PA\Azure SQL DB Azure SQL Database Dashboard for showing DTU, Size, Memory usage, but also deeper metrics like SQL Waits, Transactions/sec and more
14688 PA\Azure SQL DB Optional ability to monitor your Azure SQL Database for query and procedure stats using our Top SQL collection, including plan collection for investigation with the integrated Plan Explorer
15968 PA\Azure SQL DB Create and view baselines for Azure SQL Database targets on the Dashboard
7982 PA\Custom Conditions Enhance CC update available message box
9795 PA\Dashboard Show the lowest PLE value on the sample mode PLE gauge
13523 PA\Dashboard Set default time dashboard to 30 minutes
17006 PA\Disk Space Swap position of zoom in and zoom out buttons on Disk Space
6344 PA\Fragmentation Manager Allow for online rebuilds of indexes containing LOB data for SQL Server 2012 and higher
2157 PA\Plan Explorer Add (Custom) filter option for all Statements Tree columns
5040 PA\Plan Explorer Add columnstore-specific elements to tooltips
8534 PA\Plan Explorer Maintain synchronization of plan operation selection across all tabs when switching between history versions
10583 PA\Plan Explorer Plan diagram visualization for live execution plans
11141 PA\Plan Explorer Simplify values in the "Type" column for query plan history
12761 PA\Plan Explorer Save As menu for individual plans in plan history
13603 PA\Plan Explorer Support for Seek Predicate on IS NOT NULL
15952 PA\Plan Explorer Add additional spill information available in Plan Schema 1.4 to sort warnings
16281 PA\Plan Explorer Display the NodeID property in the properties tool tip for plan diagram nodes
16504 PA\Plan Explorer Immediately focus command text when a new tab is opened
16560 PA\Plan Explorer Change text for row count/data size numbers to red when actual rows exceed estimates
16657 PA\Plan Explorer Highlight excessive execution of user defined functions
17423 PA\Plan Explorer Differential warning for Actual Rows Read vs rows returned
17432 PA\Plan Explorer Support for expressions hidden within the ValueVector XML structure
17792 PA\Plan Explorer Display memory fractions for sort spills in operation tool tip
3309 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Index Analysis module
10580 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Live Query Plan Execution
13932 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Query Profile replay data persistence
15836 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Live Query playback speed controls
16652 PA\Plan Explorer\Live Query Copy Compute Scalar values for 0 row Compute Scalar operations for live plans
10634 PA\Query Plans Add button to display PDW / SQL DW compute query plans
17041 PA\Virtualization Support Allow viewing through chart stack for CPU Ready
17758 PA\Virtualization Support Better handling of vCenter registration and ESX server
20410 PA\Virtualization Support VMware host Dashboard
20411 PA\Virtualization Support VMware hierarchy in Navigator
20412 PA\Virtualization Support VMware host Disk Activity view
20413 PA\Virtualization Support VMware host Disk Space view
20414 PA\Virtualization Support Support for monitoring VMware hosts with Performance Advisor
16577 PowerShell Updated PowerShell Cmdlets to include ability to add Azure SQL Database targets
20418 PowerShell Updated PowerShell Cmdlets to include ability to add VMware Host targets
9818 Reports Add Fragmentation Manager report category
15312 Reports Minimum supported SSRS version is now 2008
16102 Reports Add error handling to Report Viewer
19768 Watching Improve error/warning messages when attempting to add a target
ID Component Description
13916 Alerting Users with read-only access to SQL Sentry are able to snooze alerts
14188 Alerting Send Email actions are logged without accompanying Action Failed when SMTP Server is set to "None"
14308 Alerting Users cannot be selected to automatically be assigned CC events in Events Log
18367 Database Installation fails when model database is not a whole number
19694 EM ReportingServicesMonitor error when SSRS database on read only replica of AG
19848 EM Error synchronizing history for event source: Reporting Services Reports when application intent is set to read only
16609 EM\Event Chains Fix memory leak in Client related to event chain node refresh
13538 EM\Runtime Graphs Data is missing from the Runtime Stats tooltips for SSRS
7600 General When the client is used to connect to multiple installations the most recent will persist settings across clients
13376 General Exception: TimeSpan overflowed because the duration is too long.
13460 General Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in SiteConfiguration.lstSites_SelectedIndexChanged
13698 General Improve handling if repository can not be reached on startup
15825 General Exception: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
15967 General Opening multiple tabs for same instance does not work when using double click in Navigator
16161 General Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at LoadQueryAnalysisViewOrchestratorSession
16173 General Exception: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
16808 General Exception: "The handle is invalid" at WindowsEventLogHistorySynchronizer.SynchronizeHistory
16809 General Exception: "Value cannot be null." at TreeNavigator.FindNodeForEventSourceConnection
16811 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at EventSourceObjectGraphs.SetVisibilityOfCharts
16850 General Exception: "Expected token class not found."
16956 General Exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlServer.Plans.Analysis.QueryAnalyzer"
19783 General Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at DataAccess.DeviceHierarchy.GetDeviceParent
13986 PA\Blocking Database value missing from the head of the blocking chain
11023 PA\Custom Conditions Calculation Covers/sec counter shows same name for multiple versions in SSAS Custom Conditions
13042 PA\Dashboard Switching between instances on same target temporarily freezes client
16898 PA\Dashboard Several charts do not highlight on dashboard when clicking on legend
11019 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Baseline values for SQL Plan Cache Hit Ratio and Object Plan Cache Hit Ratio are not functional in Custom Conditions
14420 PA\Disk Activity Attempting to expand nested grids in Disk Activity/ Disk Space tabs causes grids to collapse
12930 PA\Disk Space Index data cannot be manually refreshed in Disk Space tab
16534 PA\Disk Space Some log files missing VLF info in Disk Space tab
17816 PA\Fragmentation Manager Table level metrics in Tree view can be misleading
18320 PA\Fragmentation Manager Exception: "Nullable object must have a value." at enableDisableAutomatedDefrag...
14057 PA\Processes Domain name is not being added as part of UserName in Processes tab
19761 PA\Processes Processes may not be displayed in the Processes tab
14013 PA\Top Queries Exception: SSAS Jump To Actions Log
14015 PA\Top Queries Exception: Add/Edit Notes to SSAS Top Queries
14440 PA\Top Queries SSAS Expander in Top Queries grid no longer pauses auto-refresh
18058 PowerShell Watching a connection/instance with PowerShell throws error, but succeeds
13371 Reports Total SQL memory counters are returning no values in reports
13541 Reports Windows Disk Utilization - All Servers Report fails on case sensitive instances
13609 Reports Deadlocks by SQL Server report does not give "no data exists" message
15951 Reports % Change value in the SQL Server File Utilization - by Database report is incorrect
15141 Security Users with deny_actions_update role can edit active Conditions settings
15239 Security Attempting to delete a site with deny_site_update role causes exception
15245 Security Users with deny_site_update can add sites
ID Component Description
16634 General Allow watching SQL Server 2016 (Preview)
15048 PA New method of resolving wait resources for blocking and deadlocks
ID Component Description
16870 PA\Disk Activity File level disk metrics are not visible in Disk Activity view
16810 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: "The wait completed due to an abandoned mutex"
ID Component Description
16161 General Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at LoadQueryAnalysisViewOrchestratorSession
16595 PA\Virtualization Support Explicit login for vCenter results in error
16164 Reports Report deployment fails with errors loading code module System.Drawing version
ID Component Description
10348 Monitoring Service Plugging in a USB drive on a monitored server can cause duplicate key error
15338 Monitoring Service No Task Scheduler event source when watching Windows 10 target with compatible Monitoring Service
15989 PA\Disk Space Index data is missing from Disk Space tab
15936 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: NullReferenceException in LoadQueryAnalysisViewOrchestratorSession
15523 UI Custom Condition List grid not spanning form
ID Component Description
9629 Alerting Add VM Moved Condition
2160 PA\Query Plans Increase the Estimated Plan collection timeout to 60 seconds
ID Component Description
9171 Alerting Server (Target) will not work properly with the Execute SQL action for Custom Conditions
13032 Alerting\Condition Filter Incorrect text is populating the Error Text field for SSAS Top Commands Error
14794 Alerting\Condition Filter Exception: "The item already exists at CancelEdit()..."
15241 Monitoring Service Performance Monitor lag issues
15282 Monitoring Service Performance Monitor: Error failsafe condition fires repeatedly when SQL DW is offline
15594 Monitoring Service WMI timeout for Feature Availability may be too short
15263 PA Rename APS Alerts Tab to Health Alerts
15509 PA\Custom Conditions Exception: "{0} was not imported..."
13042 PA\Dashboard Switching between instances on same target temporarily freezes client
14683 PA\Dashboard Sporadic gaps in memory charts on VMs
15281 PA\Dashboard Exception "This operation may only be performed on the UI thread"
15320 PA\Dashboard SQL DW DMS Dashboard Distribution Activity is not correctly limited when selecting a compute node
15408 PA\Dashboard QuickTrace run from Dashboard context menu causes the QuickTrace window to quickly close after loading
15514 PA\Dashboard Label for User Connections gauge incorrectly says User Instances
15641 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Alternate counters cannot be selected on "Previous (Time)" baselines
15138 PA\Disk Space Exception: "An item with the same key has already been added. at GUI.Controls.Disk.ViewModels..."
15418 PA\Fragmentation Manager Exception: "The item already exists in FragmentationManagement.AddTableElementToDatabase..."
13876 Reports Errors when attempting to run Reports from Client installed on Windows 10
15207 Security Opening Custom Conditions List with deny_customconditions_update user repeatedly fires permission error dialog
15230 Security Users with deny_eventchain_read role cannot see or access nodes below Event Chains on Navigator
15248 Security User with deny_watch_connection can Watch/Stop Watching targets with PA
15355 Security Users with deny_eventchain_read can view Event Chains in Navigator and Delete Chains
13973 Setup Installation fails when the instance has a large model database
15311 Setup\Setup Wizard Wizard selections do not persist when clicking Back button
15003 UI Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at EventSourceObjectUIHandler..."
ID Component Description
6108 Alerting\Condition Filtering Expose additional object properties for Audit: Event Object... condition filters
6923 EM\Event View Show evaluation results message in Custom Condition event tooltips
8233 EM\Event View Include duration when sorting calendar events
6378 General Add a context menu to open remote desktop connection to Navigator target nodes
6737 General Add functionality to monitor Amazon EC2 and Azure VM servers and connections
8220 General Add functionality to monitor limited access devices with PA
8399 General Add functionality to monitor Analytics Platform System
9915 General Add functionality to monitor Azure SQL Data Warehouse
6671 PA Prompt to reopen Performance Advisor after a Scan For Configuration Changes has completed
6704 PA Provide user preference for PA default history mode time span
7152 PA Add scale to Disk Space Tab
8498 PA Ability to determine feature availability based on level of access as supplied by user
6379 PA\Custom Conditions Prevent restricted users from modifying global conditions
7097 PA\Custom Conditions Added 3 day duration for Snoozing Conditions
7236 PA\Custom Conditions Show all events on calendar when using Jump To->Calendar from Custom Condition Events Log
10683 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Provide a more descriptive message when attempting to save a Custom Condition with no name
8022 PA\Custom Conditions\Import Add dashboard highlighting to Custom Condition exports
6799 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Global Baselines functionality
9615 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Allow edit for baseline Min, Max and Standard Deviation values
7608 PA\Deadlocks Show estimated plan for selected query when none is available at event time
4952 PA\Plan Explorer Disable animated line around selected diagram node
6082 PA\Plan Explorer Extract parameters from command text to populate Runtime Value for estimated plans
6541 PA\Plan Explorer Add "Paste Plan XML" context menu for the Plan XML window in PE
6553 PA\Plan Explorer Add ability to display full statement text in gridview in Plan Explorer
7241 PA\Virtualization Support Add Ready Time/VCPU Wait Time on VM Guest Dashboard CPU chart
7242 PA\Virtualization Support Show memory ballooning on VM Guest Dashboard memory chart
6673 PowerShell Show server watched status and allow filtering on watched status in PowerShell get-connection command
8586 PowerShell Update PowerShell module to allow for setting "Access Level" when adding connections
8729 PowerShell Add PowerShell support for watching a device with PA for Windows
9057 Reports Track server downtime at the device level
6614 Setup Allow upgrade of SQL Sentry database if no clients or monitoring services are connected
6209 UI Improvements to Annual Subscription Maintenance expiration messages
6357 UI Add ability to copy the data in the Client Alerts window
6893 UI Modify Start Page to allow for active website content
7948 UI Add license expiration warning to status bar
ID Component Description
7095 Alerting Inconsistent behavior with SQL Server Agent Job: Runtime Threshold Max
6683 Alerting\Condition Filtering Exception: "The item already exists..."
6696 Alerting\Condition Filtering Initial save of a Condition Filter can appear with no name
6245 Alerting\Template Editor In the Message Sample, the "Generated_By" token incorrectly uses the local computer's name
9473 Database Client crash when its SQL login to repository is disabled
9630 Database Some counters not collected from secondary SQL instances when initially watched
6341 EM Empty calendar opens for some scenarios when there are no available licenses for Event Manager
7092 EM Initial EM sync of Top SQL does not honor Maximum Rows to Synchronize setting
7782 EM Jobs with explicit runtime max thresholds do not fire condition during first observed run
8695 EM Jump to Calendar toolbar button opens empty calendar when not watched with EM
9199 EM Exception: "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataViewManagerListItemTypeDescriptor' to type 'System.Data.DataRowView'"
8199 EM\Event Chains Exception: "The given DataRow is not in the current DataRowCollection"
6577 EM\Runtime Graphs Opening a Runtime History graph for a performance counter attached to an Agent Job causes an exception
6794 EM\Runtime Graphs Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at EventSourceObjectGraphs..."
7069 EM\Runtime Graphs Unable to open multiple runtime stats/properties windows for object on same connection
9645 EM\Runtime Graphs Selecting a row in the Runtime Stats grid, when sorted by "Statistics Since" column causes grid to scroll
9882 General Exception: "The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception at System.DateTime.Parse..."
13879 General Exception: "Failed to convert parameter value from a Int32 to a Int16..."
9653 Monitoring Service Exception: "The query processor could not start the necessary thread resources for parallel query execution"
5614 Monitoring Service\Cloud Synchronization Sync error when setting an alias on a computer with multiple SQL Server connections
9404 Monitoring Service\Cloud Synchronization Exception: "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'SqlPerf.DeleteRequests' with unique index 'IX_DeleteRequests_Unique'"
7986 PA Selecting Other File on Disk Activity should select the physical disk row in the grid
12543 PA\AlwaysOn Trace engine error when monitoring a read-intent only secondary replica
6918 PA\Custom Conditions User Performance Counters do not return a value upon first evaluation
6937 PA\Custom Conditions Issues collecting user perf counters from named SQL Server instances
7602 PA\Custom Conditions Custom Condition color not accurately displayed on calendar if color is not manually chosen
8781 PA\Custom Conditions Delete key removes row from Condition List but does not actually delete condition
10291 PA\Custom Conditions Conditions list publish state may be reflected inaccurately if tab focus is changed while in a dirty state
8206 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Custom Condition editor lacks counters for SQL Server Memory baseline mapping
6921 PA\Custom Conditions\Conditions List Evaluation Duration can sometimes be negative
7911 PA\Custom Conditions\Import After pack update, user asked to assign actions even if no new CC's were created
6068 PA\Dashboard Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ChartHelper.AddEventDataPoints..."
12812 PA\Dashboard Customized wait types and categories are overwritten during upgrade
2930 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Exception: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute"
6845 PA\Deadlocks Only one deadlock is displayed in the grid for files with multiple deadlocks
9708 PA\Fragmentation Manager Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at FragmentationManagement.ApplyScaleBreaks..."
6530 PA\Overview CPU % on Overview does not have a chart
3780 PA\Plan Explorer Node focus is not maintained between versions
6319 PA\Plan Explorer Statements which contain a where clause with a constant may not be linked correctly
6844 PA\Plan Explorer Advanced Normalization may produce inconsistent results
7402 PA\Plan Explorer Identical operations in different trees can be combined on Query Columns grid
7931 PA\Plan Explorer Recent Files list is not updated if other plans are already open
9103 PA\Plan Explorer After opening a .sql file, text is displayed in the Text Data tab but not the Command Text tab
9662 PA\Plan Explorer Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at QueryAnalysisViewOrchestrator..."
12709 PA\Top Queries Expanders for SSAS queries may become unavailable in Top Queries tab
9169 PA\Top SQL Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at HighImpactStatements..."
9655 PA\Top SQL Trace Procedure context menu option should not exist in Completed Queries section
6258 Reports Incorrect label in Deadlocks - by Application Matrix report
6372 Reports Downtime report does not show downtime by SQL Server instance
6873 Reports SQL Server File Growth report times out after 30 seconds
7070 Reports Configured Actions/Notifications List reports do not include connections only watched with PA
7147 Reports Inconsistent sort order of Reports
7926 Reports Downtime report: If a connection is initially monitored within the range of the report, all prior time is viewed as uptime
8339 Reports Downtime report is incorrectly dependent on EM
9637 Reports EM Current Failures report shows amount of failures as 0
13665 Reports Restricted users may see duplication in some reports
8521 Security Rights based security does not work for AD groups used as Login
2104 UI Exception: "Attempt by security transparent method..."
6296 UI\Navigator Scan For Configuration Changes disables the bolding of 'Show bold text for failures' feature
7389 UI\Navigator Change Group... menu option for Favorite Computers is unnecessary
ID Component Description
6163 PA\Custom Conditions Support for publishing Custom Conditions
ID Component Description
9169 PA\Top SQL Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at HighImpactStatements..."
ID Component Description
6082 PA\Plan Explorer Extract parameters from command text to populate Runtime Value for estimated plans
6899 PA\Plan Explorer Add Top Rows number to Top N sort tooltip
ID Component Description
8357 EM Custom Condition, Procedure Stats, and Query Stats event sources may have misapplied timezone factors
2616 PA\Plan Explorer Group By box can be shown for History grid, but is not usable
4966 PA\Plan Explorer Null reference exception from QueryAnalysisViewOrchestrator
6297 PA\Plan Explorer Standard copy commands are not available in the Table I/O tab
6304 PA\Plan Explorer Paste option is not enabled within context menu of several tabs
6305 PA\Plan Explorer Copy contents of certain columns yields class names
6326 PA\Plan Explorer Non-clustered index updates should be highlighted for heaps
8249 PA\Plan Explorer Remove unneeded decimals from Total Time column
8301 PA\Plan Explorer The interactive user is incorrectly displayed in the Login column for History entries in pesessions
ID Component Description
1221 Alerting Reason added to Run Missed alert message
4105 Alerting Performance improvement of Object Groups object selection grid
4109 Alerting Object Path added to group members selection window
4111 Alerting Server property for Execute SQL and Execute Process actions can now be dynamically populated with targeted server
3586 Alerting\Snooze Unsnooze context menus are now aware of current Snooze state
3579 Alerting\Template Editor Enhanced Token Formatting options
3634 EM Jump to Calendar from PA now auto-selects event on calendar
4116 EM Query Stats and Procedure Stats events available on calendar
4159 PA\Custom Conditions Always prompt to apply actions after Custom Condition pack has been downloaded
4112 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Standard Deviation is now an option for Baselines
4331 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Reduced default evaluation frequency for Custom Conditions
4438 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Ability to display any Custom Condition event on the Dashboard
4090 PA\Dashboard Ability to define dynamic wait categories in the SQLSentry database
4093 PA\Fragmentation Manager Multiple Analysis and Defrag schedules allowed
4700 PA\Fragmentation Manager Delay Between Defrag Operations setting
5039 PA\Fragmentation Manager Improved messages for Fragmentation Manager events
3305 PA\Plan Explorer Enhanced Anonymization functionality to include Command Text
5346 PA\Plan Explorer Display Partition Columns in Plan Tree and tooltips
4025 PA\Top SQL Ability to group by Day, Hour, and Minute
4411 PA\Top SQL Updated Query Stats retrieval process to handle recompiles during the sample time
5351 PA\Top SQL Enhanced support for Query Stats on Runtime History graph
5423 PA\Top SQL Show four decimal places in Average Duration column on Query Stats and Procedure Stats grids
4329 PA\Reports Uptime % on Downtime report
4030 UI Persist grid customizations across sessions for Plan Explorer
4032 UI Option to save session on exit and restore open tabs upon client start
5622 UI Persist Conditions List column configuration
4149 UI\Navigator Update "Properties" context menu on SQL Server connection nodes to open SQL Server properties
4960 UI\Navigator Ability to add Favorite Computers
ID Component Description
4328 Alerting Audit: Event Object Created condition is not triggered for new databases
5435 Alerting Unsnoozing "This Condition/All Objects" not functional
6105 Alerting Custom Condition Created Audit condition not functional
6107 Alerting Snooze Status Changed audit condition erroneously fired
4262 EM User exception received: "this.RenderParameters == null..."
5430 EM\Event Chains Event Chains Associations link on Agent Job Runtime History tooltips is poorly formatted
6131 EM\Event Chains User exception received: "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created."
6084 Monitoring Service User exception received: "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool."
4260 PA User exception received: "Unterminated [] set."
6303 PA User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Intercerve.QuickTraceList"
4259 PA\AlwaysOn User exception received: "Error adding to dictionary with key: File Share Witness."
5737 PA\AlwaysOn User exception received: "Unable to cast object of type System.DBNull to type System.String."
5434 PA\Custom Conditions Active Custom Conditions that are versioned due to a change of options do not reappear in the Events Log until service is restarted
7091 PA\Custom Conditions Opening the Conditions List on a connection under Local Server Groups may open the Conditions List for a different connection
7124 PA\Custom Conditions Custom Condition nodes displayed erroneously in the Navigator
6085 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "SqlDateTime overflow."
5544 PA\Deadlocks Opening certain .xdl files causes unhandled stack overflow exception
6270 PA\Disk Space Disk Space Usage map does not stay collapsed when selecting different databases
4366 PA\Fragmentation Manager User exception received: "The item already exists at Intercerve.ComponentModel.KeyedBindingList..."
3416 PA\Plan Explorer Multiple optional columns yield class names instead of values
4406 PA\Plan Explorer Unable to access index properties from actual plan when only machine name is specified
4917 PA\Query Plans Plans may be hidden for some queries due to parameterization
5412 PA\Top SQL User exception received: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fastRunningQueryElement..."
5764 PA\Top SQL Connections watched with PA only cannot Jump to Runtime Stats from Top SQL tab
7404 PA\Top SQL Top SQL: Output Content Match condition does not work with Query Stats or Procedure Stats events
6649 Reports Deadlocks - By SQL Server report not functional
6293 Setup Temporary report definition files are not removed after installation
4263 UI User exception received: "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created."
4872 UI User exception received: "This operation may only be performed on the UI thread."
6073 UI User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Intercerve.SqlSentry.DataAccess..."
6130 UI Adding Auto Filter row to Notes tab throws exception
4261 UI\Navigator User exception received: "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion."
ID Component Description
6360 PA\Deadlocks Occasional deadlocks may not be detected
ID Component Description
2585 Alerting New message token to hold the object name and type associated with the action
2629 Alerting Snoozing for Conditions and Actions
3587 Alerting Menu option to Unsnooze All
1217 EM Custom Condition Event Source
3879 PA SSAS loading optimizations
4033 PA Grid persistence across sessions
1514 PA\Custom Conditions Ability to add user defined Performance Counters
1717 PA\Custom Conditions Allow multiple results for evaluators that return more than one result
2680 PA\Disk Space Disk Space Usage band for Indexes
3624 PA\Fragmenation Manager Update defrag text to indicate if a reorg is used due to the presence of LOB columns
3317 PA\Top SQL Grouped mode for Procedure Stats and Query Stats
2289 Reports Index Defragmentation Details Report
2958 Reports Application Matrix Deadlock Report
ID Component Description
4510 Alerting Notes are not visible in notifications for some event sources
3195 Cloud Sync Cloud sync encounters error when using the same alias on two different connections
4905 EM Indicate that EM is required when jumping to Calendar if not watched with EM
6190 EM\Event View Editing connections for existing Custom Event View causes exception
3308 Monitoring Service User exception received: "Failed to update database "SQLSentry" because the database is read-only..."
260 PA Watching a Windows connection with PA appears to hang at "Performance Data Coordinator..."
2929 PA User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI.Controls..."
2602 PA\Blocking Blocking chains with no head blocker do not honor condition filters
2420 PA\Custom Conditions Unclear prompts when importing a Custom Condition that already exists
5347 PA\Custom Conditions Durations are set to zero if condition is versioned
2437 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object PerformanceGraphs..."
4345 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "Axis Object - Auto interval does not have proper value..."
5543 PA\Dashboard CPU chart may not display all CPUs in Sample mode
3056 PA\Disk Space Mount point contents disappear after clicking graphic twice
3434 PA\Plan Explorer Plan Explorer can hang opening plans with circular expression references
3953 PA\Processes Removed unused columns
2587 PA\Top SQL SQL:BatchCompleted events may not be updated in Completed Queries pane
2436 UI User exception received: "Parameter is not valid at System.Drawing.Image.Clone..."
2456 UI User exception received: "This operation may only be performed on the UI thread..."
ID Component Description
5038 PA\Fragmentation Manager Improve DBsync temp table clean up
ID Component Description
4887 PA\Query Plans Query Plans tab may not show data
ID Component Description
4399 Monitoring Service Certain versions of SSAS 2012+ may error during connection
4245 Navigator User exception received: "Unable to sort because the IComparer.Compare() method returns inconsistent results."
3057 PA\Dashboard Dashboard refresh may not work in Sample mode on servers with very high number of cores
4339 PA\Top SQL Some long running XMLA commands may not be detected
ID Component Description
2268 Actions Log Custom Condition names added to Condition dropdown
1225 Alerting "Snooze Alerts" context menu for groups and computer nodes which suppresses all alerting until a specified time
2626 Alerting Snooze audit condition
1155 Cloud Synchronization Sync Status message for skipped data
2358 Cloud Synchronization UI for resetting cloud environment from the client
3129 Cloud Synchronization Check for dirty state when clicking on Sync for data upload
2290 Custom Conditions Ability to manually download and import custom condition package
2131 EM Don't connect to the target when rescheduling Fragmentation Manager jobs via drag-and-drop
2312 EM Usability improvements on Event View -> Event Sources tab
3101 EM\Runtime Graphs Performance enhancements for loading data
3469 Monitoring Service Refresh runtime statistics and settings when connections monitored by new service
1978 PA Optimizations to rollup process
738 PA\Top SQL Capture and display Fast-Running Queries
1158 PA\Top SQL Runtime Threshold Max for individual Top SQL statements
3275 PA\Top SQL Top SQL setting "Max Plan Size to Collect (MB)"
1226 PA\Top SSAS Enhanced accuracy of running SSAS command duration
230 Reports Deadlock reports
ID Component Description
2618 Alerting Messages from SQLServerBlockDetector do not include block chain information
1756 EM Event history monitor error when SSRS database on read only replica of AG
2356 EM User exception received: "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataViewManagerListItemTypeDescriptor'"
3110 EM Error when using Jump To History from Future Defragmentation event
2235 Monitoring Service User exception received: "The stored procedure 'RemoveInvalidDeviceRegistrations' doesn't exist."
3465 PA New connections can timeout in environments with large PerformanceAnalysisTraceData tables
3590 PA Autogrowth chunks larger than 1GB incorrectly showing 8 for Autogrowth VLF Count
3566 PA\AlwaysOn AlwaysOn secondaries are showing send queue tooltip when hovering over recovery queue status bar region
2438 PA\Blocking User exception received: "The given key was not present in the dictionary."
1961 PA\Deadlocks User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at Intercerve.SqlServer.UI.Deadlocks
2794 PA\Fragmentation Manager User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI
2291 PA\Query Plans Missing Indexes column is reporting 0 erroneously
1972 PA\Top SQL Top SQL and Deadlock tabs provide no data due to unhandled exception
1230 PA\Top SSAS Some high impact MDX queries may never be displayed in running commands
2241 Powershell Attempting to watch a connection from the PowerShell Console may result in an exception
2363 Reports Windows Disk Utilization –By Server report error for collation that is not SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
2775 Setup Plan cache optimizations for install script
ID Component Description
3640 PA Performance enhancements for messaging
ID Component Description
2128 PA Arithmetic overflow error when synchronizing database information
ID Component Description
2098 Alerting Notes are not appearing in messages
2295 Alerting Custom message templates are not being honored by Custom Conditions
2236 Alerting\Template Editor Message Templates not loaded when Conditions pane is undocked and closed
1195 Database User exception received: "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.SQLSentryDbSync..."
1481 PA\AlwaysOn AG monitoring fails for replicas that are across sites
1755 PA\Fragmentation Manager Read-only databases are not skipped during index analysis
2219 PA\Plan Explorer - Integrated Problematic operations are not highlighted
1505 UI User exception received: "Attempted to divide by zero"
ID Component Description
229 Alerting\Template Editor Message customization and tokenization
2029 PA\Custom Conditions SQL Sentry Repository Global condition type
30 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Boolean Value data type
57 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Auto-select singular instance options
273 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Add Min/Max/Avg extensions to the current Baseline element
274 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Only show Baseline element when "Total" is the selected instance
28 PA\Custom Conditions\Conditions List Allow visibility into queries in Custom Condition Results pane
56 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Autoscale charts to baseline maximum
233 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Show user defined baselines in Sample Mode
47 PA\Dashboard\Custom Conditions Integration Better handling for Custom Condition marker tooltips
66 PA\Fragmentation Manager Add role-based security for Fragmentation Manager
306 PA\Top Queries\Top SQL Add Jump To Query Plans context menu for Top SQL events
156 Reports Server Downtime report
362 Reports Index Fragmentation and Usage report
ID Component Description
1231 Alerting Block condition filter does not use friendly name for Head Application
1572 Database Defragmentation data is not included in the purge process
320 EM\Event Chains User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Crownwood.DotNetMagic..."
76 Monitoring Service\Cache Synchronization Intermittent connectivity during synchronization can corrupt monitoring service cache state
1197 PA\AlwaysOn Absence of database(s) on AG replica causes synchronization errors
1233 PA\Blocking User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI..."
182 PA\Custom Conditions Download Latest menu option always results in download completed message regardless of action taken
189 PA\Custom Conditions Deselecting Send to Alerting Channels after Apply Actions dialog disables OK button
191 PA\Custom Conditions After pack update, user asked to assign actions even if no new Custom Conditions were created
186 PA\Custom Conditions\Builder Edited Custom Conditions allow unsupported value retriever types
194 PA\Custom Conditions\Conditions List Actions Changed alert sometimes erroneously generated for first Custom Condition in list
204 PA\Custom Conditions\Conditions List Grouping by the Tags column produces group header rows that read "Tags:"
263 PA\Custom Conditions\Conditions List Conditions List and PA Overview may open with all splitters at 0 height and width
1196 PA\Custom Conditions\Events Log Inconsistent time reported when exporting Events Log
40 PA\Custom Conditions\Query Builder No horizontal scrollbar when the contents are wider than the screen
73 PA\Dashboard\Baselines User exception received: "Axis Object - The minimum value of the axis is greater than the largest data point value"
133 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Baseline creator shows blank values for certain metrics when range is less than 2 minutes
208 PA\Dashboard\Baselines Predefined Baselines can become ordered incorrectly in Baseline dropdown
42 PA\Dashboard\Custom Conditions Integration Show Custom Condition Markers option does not persist when switching from Sample mode to History mode
45 PA\Deadlocks Deadlock graph flickering in live mode
3707 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime."
77 PA\Processes Blank CPU and Memory columns when jumping to Processes tab from Dashboard
749 PA\Top Queries User exception received: "The text, ntext, and image data types cannot be compared or sorted..."
326 Reports Mount points not displayed in Windows Disk Utilization - By Server report
1235 UI User exception received: "Parameter is not valid."
ID Component Description
1503 PA\Custom Conditions "Any" instance support for SQL, WMI, and SQL Sentry repository queries
1509 PA\Custom Conditions Ability to export Events Log
1514 PA\Custom Conditions Ability to add user defined Performance Counters
1515 PA\Custom Conditions Jump To Dashboard toolbar button
1516 PA\Custom Conditions Show Active Events by Condition toolbar button
ID Component Description
4045 User exception received: "rsaCryptoServiceProvider not set..."
4048 General Conditions and Settings controls and panes are sometimes empty by default
4043 PA\Custom Conditions A Restricted Rights user can disable global Custom Conditions
4046 PA\Custom Conditions deny_customconditions_update role does not prevent access to Download CC Pack option
4065 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "A chart element with the name areaCPUActivityByCPUAll already exists in the ChartAreaCollection..."
3482 PA\Disk The "Autogrowth VLF Count" column displays the incorrect number of VLFs for autogrowth sizes > 64mb
4037 PA\Disk Disk Autogrowth may incorrectly show as percentage
4066 PA\Fragmentation Maximum Concurrent Operations setting appears to be nonfunctional after first run
3917 PA\Processes Well-known processes without a service name do not appear on dashboard System Memory chart
3930 sp_sentry_mail sp_sentry_mail_20 does not use the "from_address" parameter
3820 System Status User exception received: "The given key was not present in the dictionary..."
ID Component Description
1490 Alerting Alerting based on user-defined baseline metrics in custom conditions
1268 Ability to share data securely on
1287 Web access to SQL Sentry performance and event data on
687 General Perform management functions using PowerShell interface
1360 Navigator Add search box to Navigator
1357 PA\Baselines Pre-defined and user-defined baselines
805 PA\Custom Conditions Advanced Performance Advisor alerting system
1485 PA\Custom Conditions Customizable conditions using performance counters, SQL queries, WMI queries, and complex expressions
1486 PA\Custom Conditions Historical events log for managing custom condition events
1332 PA\Dashboard Convert Dundas charts and gauges to Microsoft charts and DevExpress gauges
1430 PA\Dashboard Add free memory by NUMA node to SQL Server Memory chart
1439 PA\Dashboard Enable tooltips for available memory on System Memory history chart
1487 PA\Dashboard Alert for custom condition events via chart overlays and advisory tooltips
1488 PA\Dashboard Create baselines for any metrics using averages for selected date ranges
1489 PA\Dashboard Overlay pre-defined and user created baselines
1323 PA\Fragmentation Add tooltip to User Scan Delta column
1340 PA\General Add "Check All" and "Uncheck All" options to Find Object form
1423 PA\General Add "Max Databases to Synchronize (largest first)" setting
1426 PA\Overview Improved sorting of legend items in history graph
1417 PA\Top SQL Change Running Queries column width and formatting (Granted Query Memory KB/Session Memory KB)
ID Component Description
3417 Alerting Final Blocking SQL: Runtime Threshold Max notifications from EventHistoryMonitor source don't show blocking chain data
3394 Alerting- Formatting Audit notifications for minimum and maximum runtime changes are formatted incorrectly
3941 Alerting- Formatting Typo in message text of Analysis Service: Top Commands: Error condition
3949 AlwaysOn User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlSentry.DataAccess..."
3960 AlwaysOn User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlSentry.Providers..."
3967 AlwaysOn User exception received: "An item with the same key has already been added..."
3994 AlwaysOn User exception received: "The given key was not present in the dictionary..."
3821 Calendar View Calendar custom highlighting issues
3854 Filter User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlSentry.GUI..."
3311 General User exception received: "The process cannot access the file..."
3765 General User exception received: "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed..."
3928 General User exception received: "The process cannot access the file..." 
3974 General User exception received: "Unable to open the store..."
3985 General User exception received: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: eventSource…"
4039 General User exception received: "The target database is in an availability group..."
3921 Navigator Server Status tooltip is not shown if .NET 4.5 is installed
4003 Navigator Selected node may lose focus
4015 Navigator Device name changing from virtual cluster name to physical node name
3471 PA\Dashboard No error displayed in dashboard or System Status view when the dashboard was not able to collect performance data
3804 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "OleAut date did not convert to a DateTime..."
3906 PA\Dashboard Duplicate SQL Server instance names appear in dropdown
3983 PA\Dashboard Inconsistent behavior with CPU Usage view
3986 PA\Dashboard User exception received: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative..."
3938 PA\Fragmentation Inconsistent behavior with online index rebuilds
3813 PA\General Scroll wheel scrolls both Navigator and Conditions and Settings Pane simultaneously
4007 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Invalid objectName. Parameter name: objectName..."
3973 PA\Overview User exception received: "Error Can't find property IsWindows…"
3787 Performance Monitoring User exception received: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative..."
3971 Reports SQL Server File Utilization - Top Files - All Servers report does not run with repository on CS server
4024 Reports No data is displayed in Windows + SQL Server Performance report for unwatched connections
2781 Server-Settings "Trigger Run Missed condition ..." label should refer to scheduling agent instead of connection
ID Component Description
3932 Alerting Top SQL Output Content Match condition not firing
3871 AlwaysOn Inconsistent implementation of "Is Watched" column in grids
3931 AlwaysOn Monitoring service may experience slow memory leak when monitoring servers with Availability Groups
3806 General Inconsistent behavior for Task Scheduler 2.0 tasks that return 101 Event ID
3924 General User exception received: "Cross thread operation detected"
3915 PA\Overview User exception received: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute"
3936 PA\Overview User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
3914 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Index 0 is out of range. Parameter name: index"
3919 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion"
3923 PA\Query Plans Some plans are omitted from the Query Plans tab
3940 Reports Configured Actions List report fails on case sensitive servers
ID Component Description
3893 Navigator Delete key can be used to delete certain objects in the Navigator pane
3911 Navigator Deleting a running monitoring service from the Navigator pane can cause monitoring to fail
3907 PA\Overview AG replica roles are not being updated after a failover
ID Component Description
3896 General User exception received: "Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int"
3890 Graphs-Performance User exception received: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection"
3900 PA\Overview Values are shown in Warning and Critical state incorrectly
3898 Server-Connections Error: "Login failed for <user name>" when adding a connection using SQL Authentication
ID Component Description
3889 General User exception received: "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between ... and SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS"
3891 PA\General User exception received: "An item with the same key has already been added."
3794 PA\Plan Explorer Context menu of Plan Diagram for an Estimated Plan defaults to Actual Costs
ID Component Description
1410 AlwaysOn Add Recovery Queue KB and Log Send Queue KB to Database Replica States tab
1396 Exception Reporter Modify exception process to encourage users to provide more information
ID Component Description
3851 Alerting SNMP alerts do not work with Failsafe and Audit conditions 
3879 PA SSAS loading optimizations
3840 AlwaysOn No indication in the AlwaysOn Global view when data is not being collected
3326 General Data can stop collecting for a server and require the server service to be restarted to resume collection 
3867 General History Monitor message sync queue is not being cleared 
3880 General User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Intercerve.SqlServer.UI.Plans..."
3888 General SQL Server connection leak monitoring SQL 2012 and higher
3838 PA\Plan Explorer Table I/O tab does not show data in PE for some cultures
3861 PA\Plan Explorer Saving a dirty .pesession file brings up extra dialog and prompt 
ID Component Description
1353 AlwaysOn Persist Filter on AlwaysOn Grids
1372 AlwaysOn Collect certain Availability Group metrics from secondary replicas
1374 AlwaysOn Show "Cannot Connect" indicator on failed Availability Group primary replica
1355 Contacts-Groups Associate a SQL Sentry User Group with an AD Group for Client Access
1304 Navigator Customizable coloring/font change in Navigator for the Colorblind
1376 PA\Dashboard Jump To->AlwaysOn context menu
1395 PA\Dashboard Add warning message on Dashboard when Performance Advisor Data is not being written in a timely fashion
1011 PA\Plan Explorer Customizable tab layout, to allow viewing the plan diagram and other query detail tabs simultaneously, etc
ID Component Description
3800 AlwaysOn AlwaysOn Grid tabs not updating correctly when no data to display
3808 AlwaysOn Querying the files generated by the AlwaysOn Extended Events Health session is filling up the SQL Server Log
3809 AlwaysOn AlwaysOn grids do not update correctly, or may disappear
3816 AlwaysOn AlwaysOn charts may cause client memory consumption issue
3826 AlwaysOn User exception received: "The calling thread cannot access this object"
3258 Calendar view SSAS Top Commands show incorrect durations in EM calendar view
3737 Database Last DBCC CHECKDB time is not being collected
3819 Event Sources SSAS objects not removed from SQL Sentry Database after deleting device
3814 General Databases list view does not support data export
3817 General User exception received: "Unable to read the list of previously registered servers on this system"
3849 Licensing Users without SA role receive unfriendly error and exception involving licensing with SQL Server 2012
3815 PA\Dashboard SSAS not represented in Total CPU charts
3853 PA\Deadlocks User exception received: "An item with the same key has already been added"
3805 PA\Fragmentation Index Fragmentation tooltip may display incorrect values
3811 PA\General Loading cube hierarchy for SSAS is inefficient for large numbers of cubes
3674 PA\Query Plans Duplicate query plans listed in Query Plans tab
3779 PA\Query Plans Incorrect values may be provided for some fields in Query Plans tab
3799 PA\Query Plans Plans viewed from the Query Plans tab always reuse the same tab
3265 PA\Top SQL It is possible to set Top SQL Source minimum duration to 0 without applying another filter
3830 PA\Top SQL Processing Rows returns zero due to datatype change in SSAS 2012
3513 Performance Monitoring Data collection can fail due to duplicate entries in PerformanceAnalysisSsasCube table
3714 Reports Windows + SQL Server Performance Report incorrectly lists the associated Windows Connection as a SQL Server Connection
3763 Reports Error Deploying Reports: Unable to Display Report Folders (An item with the same key has already been added)
3245 Watching Adding SharePoint connection without SharePoint license results in vague error message
3629 Watching Watching a server can fail due to GUI thread execution
ID Component Description
1163 Alerting Add "Run As Account Name" to Windows Task messages and tooltips
1242 Alerting Improvements to message text field of condition filtering
1057 AlwaysOn AlwaysOn monitoring and Alerting
1349 Auditing-Conditions Add basic filters to failsafe and audit actions
1350 Auditing-Conditions Add detailed condition filter framework for Availability Replica health conditions
1195 Database User exception received: "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.SQLSentryDbSync..."
1308 Event Sources Ability to permanently silence an "Event Source no longer exists" warning
1305 Exception Reporter Include the .NET Framework version with exception report "additional details"
1178 General Add license expiration dates to the Help -> About screen
1228 General Updated Forum link on Start Page to
1240 Licensing Change maintenance expired "email sales" link to launch "Contact Us" form rather than email client
1256 Navigator Update IP Address column in Device table when Scan For Configuration Changes is selected
1280 Navigator Provide the ability to secure servers by Site/Group based on assigned contacts
976 PA\Dashboard Increase the size of the "Instance" drop-down in Performance Advisor for longer names
1149 PA\Fragmentation Allow application of separate windows to rebuilds and reorgs in Fragmentation Manager
1232 PA\Fragmentation Warning dialog box for online index rebuilds
1246 PA\Fragmentation Skip read-only databases during index analysis
1299 PA\Overview Integrated historical charting with Availability Group support
1198 PA\Plan Explorer Add "Copy Output List" context menu for scan and lookup nodes
1336 PA\Plan Explorer Verify .NET Framework version at least RTM
1236 PA\Top SQL Add columns to Running Queries for memory and tempdb usage
1297 PA\Top SQL Add "Host Process ID" to Top SQL Running Queries
1094 Performance Optimization Optimized database file info retrieval
512 Reports Add user notes to Current Failures report
910 Reports Report for database level backup information
1294 Setup Add support for installing the repository in Amazon RDS to the setup wizard
ID Component Description
3690 Alerting The condition settings in the filter editor for the Top SQL: Runtime Threshold Max condition are not being honored
3745 Alerting User exception received: "Value cannot be null.Parameter name: monitorObject"
3643 Auditing-Conditions Audit Custom Event View Deleted and Created conditions are not triggered for associated events
3529 Calendar view The main tooltip can't be viewed for calendar instances where only the duration bar is visible
3728 Calendar view Event Manger calendar view always displays dates in US format
3729 Database Some role-based security options not being honored
3511 Event Views Update permission denied warning message for shared custom event views
3749 Event Views View Totals in Event View Properties displays incorrect values
3735 Filter Some Condition Settings are not honored for manual defrag operations
3625 General At 1024 x 768 resolution the "Actions Selector" dialog is too tall
3702 General User exception received: "Key not valid for use in specified state"
3703 General User exception received: "Value cannot be null.Parameter name: key"
3719 General Task Scheduler 2.0+ tasks with a non-zero run result may show as succeeded
3732 General User exception received: "Item should already be failed"
3740 General Client Security restrictions can be bypassed for the Actions Log and System Status via Start Page
3635 Navigator Right clicking and selecting Open > Performance Advisor for a Windows connection launches Product Selector
3670 Navigator Local Groups node in the Navigator pane stays red after all failed statuses have been cleared
3762 Navigator Invalid "User Connection Properties" are available for SSAS connections
3775 Navigator Navigator Database Refresh doesn't work after adding a Database in SSMS
3789 Navigator Remove "Open" Context Menu from Group Objects
3697 PA\Blocking Wait resource for PAGELATCH_UP not displayed in the Blocking SQL tab
3617 PA\Dashboard Jump To menu options for Windows Connections include SQL Server items
3554 PA\Disk Log shipping secondary database file locations may be incorrectly displayed in Disk Space and Disk Activity tabs
3744 PA\Fragmentation Cannot rebuild indexes with >1000 partitions with SQL Server prior to 2012
3781 PA\Fragmentation "Enterprise Only" Settings aren't showing for Object Groups
3540 PA\Plan Explorer Long running queries that take a long time to return any data cannot be cancelled
3626 PA\Plan Explorer Unable to copy/paste plan XML
3686 PA\Plan Explorer No plan displayed when .sqlplan files opened directly in SSMS use Add-In for Plan Explorer
3689 PA\Plan Explorer A number sign in the filename causes the filename to be truncated when a plan is downloaded from
3713 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\SQL Sentry\...'"
3726 PA\Processes Processes Tab Page Faults value for group does not equal sum of values for processes in group
3651 PA\Top SQL Incorrect number of decimal places shown for Top SQL duration in totals mode
3659 Performance Monitoring Exceptions generated when monitoring AG readable secondaries due to default ApplicationIntent
3105 Reports Event Manager Management Summary report does not show blocks
3769 Reports Some counters may be missing from reports for 2012 instances
3776 Reports Report parameter cleanup
3614 Setup Setup wizard can hang with incomplete SMTP server details
3677 Watching Unfriendly error when attempting to add Windows Server 2008+ connection from a Client installed on pre Windows Server 2008
3751 Watching Watch progress form issues
ID Component Description
1047 PA\Blocking "Jump To Top SQL" option from Blocking and Deadlock tabs which highlights the query in Top SQL
1229 PA\Deadlocks Optimized layout algorithim which eliminates redundant lock information
1225 Alerting "Snooze Alerts" context menu for groups and computer nodes which suppresses all alerting until a specified time
1271 PA\Plan Explorer Plan operation filtering
1272 PA\Plan Explorer Collapsible plan subtrees
1273 PA\Plan Explorer Multiple plan layout modes
1274 PA\Plan Explorer Ability to rotate plans
1275 PA\Plan Explorer Adjustable plan height and width
1276 PA\Plan Explorer "Angled" node link style option
1277 PA\Plan Explorer Plan scale slider
1286 PA\Plan Explorer Persist closing the plan layout toolbar
ID Component Description
3722 Chaining Copying an Event Chain using the "Save Chain As" functionality generates an exception
3725 Filter Editing the SharePoint Time Jobs Source History Filter generates an exception
3688 PA\Plan Explorer In Integrated Plan Explorer the bottom layout splitter defaults to an incorrect position
ID Component Description
1261 Event Sources Add common Windows service start failure events to default Event Logs source filter
1255 PA\Fragmentation Enhancements to partition defrag process
1263 PA\Plan Explorer query plan upload integration
1064 Reports Allow users with restricted visibility to run reports for servers that they can access
ID Component Description
3642 Event Sources Unable to synchronize event history with SSRS 2005
3641 General Refreshing Tasks folder in the Navigator pane causes all tasks to be dropped
3666 Objects-Actions Execute SQL, Job, and Process Actions do not honor monitoring service connection properties
3652 PA\Disk Check for existing records before detecting FusionIO devices
3662 PA\Fragmentation Analysis isn't performed on indexes that exceed defrag thresholds when defrag operations are disabled
3667 PA\Fragmentation Index Analysis and Defragmentation schedules stop running
3681 PA\Plan Explorer In integrated Plan Explorer, .pesession files are never marked as modified
3648 Service Objects with long names can cause synchronization to fail when multiple objects have the same truncated name
ID Component Description
1153 Contacts List Users and Groups alphabetically in the Actions panes
1239 PA\Disk Improved support for third party disk management tools
ID Component Description
3646 Alerting Blocking SQL condition filter Head Login Name does not always apply correctly
3528 Auditing Actions Some changes to Actions may not trigger the "Audit: Actions Changed" condition
3057 PA\Dashboard Dashboard refresh may not work in Sample mode on servers with very high number of cores
3249 Chaining Event chains with short running node durations may hang
3642 Event Sources Unable to synchronize event history with SSRS 2005
3640 PA Performance enhancements for messaging
3645 General 2012 SSMS Addin does not install correctly on x86 systems
3360 PA\Disk Log files display as expandable when no table/index level data applies to this file type in disk view grids
3628 PA\Fragmentation Options for indexes available in the context menu for calendar events can throw an exception
3493 PA\General Some innocuous CLR waits are presented as meaningful
3631 Reports Unable to view reports when TMP or TEMP environment variables contain a path name with a space
ID Component Description
1216 Alerting Add client URL to Windows Event Log and SQL Agent Log notifications
1214 PA\Query Plans Procedure optimizations for Query Plans tab
ID Component Description
3624 PA\Fragmenation Manager Update defrag text to indicate if a reorg is used due to the presence of LOB columns
3623 General User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
ID Component Description
1211 Calendar View Enable column filters for calendar event step callout grids
1212 Calendar View Add Jump To -> Performance Advisor -> Indexes for calendar events
1201 Contacts Hide objects from Client if user has any server restrictions
1213 General Add description to the task properties page
1205 Navigator Rename "Windows Event Logs" node in Navigator to "Event Logs"
966 Objects-Settings Event source history filtering
1108 PA\General Support for additional wait types
1194 PA\Overview Allow double-clicking to open connections in SQL or SSAS only mode on Performance Advisor Overview
1206 PA\Plan Explorer Upgrade queryanalysis files to pesession files upon opening in order to preserve the initial plan in history
1041 PA\Top SQL Show aggregates for grouped items in Top SQL and QuickTrace
963 Reports New blocking reports
ID Component Description
3579 Alerting\Template Editor Enhanced Token Formatting options
3603 Navigator Selecting "Open" from the context menu for event logs does not work
3610 Objects-Properties Task Application Name contains what should be the Parameters property
3599 PA\Dashboard CPU Total would not always be shown when retrieving a historical sample on Windows Server 2008R2+
3602 PA\Dashboard Dashboard may not load properly when opening it from a Windows calendar
3534 PA\Fragmentation Issues with Fragmentation Manager activation
3589 PA\Plan Explorer Inaccurate row estimates for plans with residual predicates applied to lookups in 2008+
3596 PA\Plan Explorer Multiple executions of code inside a tsql loop not retained in queryanalysis file
3605 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists"
3608 PA\Plan Explorer When gathering actual plans, an XEvent session may be left orphaned
3609 PA\Plan Explorer Wait Stats can get dropped in SQL Server 2012
3611 PA\Processes First column of the Processes grid can be sized incorrectly
3612 PA\Processes Changing process group selections and clicking OK does not auto-refresh
3582 Server-Settings Remove horizontal scrollbar from SMTP groups screen
3546 System Status If a service no longer owns the purge/rollup role, a previous error will not get cleaned up
3597 Watching Performance Advisor for Windows watch task can be marked completed prematurely in environments with IsPADataWriterBufferingEnabled turned on
3600 Watching Unable to watch Windows connections if watched Task Scheduler version is higher than SQL Sentry Client/Service version
ID Component Description
940 Alerting Add Job Category field to notifications with job specific details
1078 Alerting Rule-based alerting via condition filters
1097 Alerting Make windows applied to Users, Groups, and Rulesets for notifications configurable to include or exclude during the time frame
691 Calendar view Make All Devices view default to one day instead of three
1034 Calendar view Calendar custom highlighting usability improvements
1140 Calendar view Algorithm optimization for hidden calendar events
1044 Chaining Provide a context menu option to remap an Event Chain node to another event source object 
1201 Contacts Hide objects from Client if user has any server restrictions
779 Filter Add row to select all on Event Sources tab of view filter
720 General Visible verification that a scan for configuration changes has completed
762 General Add a nag screen for when individual products will expire soon
1132 General Change default export format to Excel for all grids
1166 General Event Manager for Windows
1170 General EM for Windows support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
945 Licensing Allow users with expired maintenance to perform and see results of version check
1147 Licensing Enable free PA license for SQL Sentry database server if 5 owned PA licenses and 10+ owned PA/EM licenses total
1184 Objects-Conditions Rename "Database Offline" condition to "Monitoring Service: SQL Sentry Database Offline"
966 Objects-Settings Event source history filtering
1192 PA\Blocking Add "Clear Sort" option for blocks
1193 PA\Blocking Add standard Expand context menus for blocks
1113 PA\Dashboard On the System CPU chart, show NUMA info and more than 40 processors via support for processor groups
1169 PA\Dashboard Optimize performance of disk data retrieval
960 PA\Deadlocks Miscellaneous updates to the Deadlocks tab
989 PA\Deadlocks Ability to open deadlocks from XML
1076 PA\Disk Add "per second" to Disk Activity Read Bytes and Write Bytes columns when in average mode
1086 PA\Fragmentation Add a line to the Index Fragmentation detail level chart to indicate the Reorg and Rebuild Threshold %
1129 PA\Fragmentation Server-level persistence for Indexes tab grid state
1159 PA\Fragmentation Performance optimization for table/index data retrieval process
1200 PA\Fragmentation Change default ordering for index defrag/analysis operations to sort by database first
949 PA\General Performance Advisor for Windows
1175 PA\General Optimizations for filter value population queries across all tabs
1194 PA\Overview Allow double-clicking to open connections in SQL or SSAS only mode on Performance Advisor Overview
997 PA\Plan Explorer Add Warning types from SQL Server 2012 ShowPlan XSD
1025 PA\Plan Explorer Enhancements to SELECT operator properties for SQL Server 2012 plans
1179 PA\Plan Explorer Wait Stats information when collecting an actual plan
1180 PA\Plan Explorer Save version history for actual and estimated plans
1197 PA\AlwaysOn Absence of database(s) on AG replica causes synchronization errors
858 PA\Top SQL Provide users with the ability to determine max length for SQL textdata with a setting
1041 PA\Top SQL Show aggregates for grouped items in Top SQL and QuickTrace
1119 PA\Top SQL Remove "program name" as a requirement for killing a running process from Top SQL
908 Reports Allow report deployment for reporting servers in SharePoint mode
1117 Reports Filter Top SQL reports to exclude hidden Top SQL statements
915 Setup Display the domain account input format in the installation wizard Service Account Information step
1135 Setup User friendly message when GetObjectVersion doesn't exist during installation
ID Component Description
3475 Alerting-Rulesets Changes made using the Response Rulesets screen are not saved
3145 Calendar view Jump to->Performance Advisor is visible for all calendar events, even if there are no supported connections on the device where the event resides
3577 Calendar view Default days for Global views in User Preferences not honored when no Global Event View Filter is saved
3432 Contacts User exception received: "The stored procedure Security.RemovePrincipalPermissions does not exist"
3515 Contacts Formatting issues with contact and group configuration screens
3517 Contacts-Groups User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
3518 Event Sources Synchronization errors can occur for connections upgraded to SQL Server 2012 when previously monitored with Event Manager
3579 Alerting\Template Editor Enhanced Token Formatting options
3507 Event Views User exception received: "Integrated Security is an invalid connection string"
2518 General User exception received: "Unable to read the list of previously registered servers"
3273 General Removing a Reporting Services database from a connection watched with EM causes errors
3378 General User exception received: "tabbedHistoryViewParameters.DeviceAccessor == null"
3459 General User exception received: "id cannot be default Parameter name: id"
3469 Monitoring Service Refresh runtime statistics and settings when connections monitored by new service
3473 General SSIS Logging can be disabled after updating a SQL Server maintenance plan
3490 General Correct hyperlink to contact sales in software update checker when ASM has expired
3500 General Index Rebuild/Reorg Settings appear editable when "Inherit From Parent" is set to true
3532 General Attempts to create a new SQL Agent job when Agent is offline generates exception
3552 General Un-representable DateTime error with Index Defragmentation
3583 General Windows event log synchronization error
3565 Graphs-Runtime Jump To > This Instance from Runtime Graphs always goes to one minute interval in calendar
3566 PA\AlwaysOn AlwaysOn secondaries are showing send queue tooltip when hovering over recovery queue status bar region
3109 Navigator Reporting services groups and sub-groups do not turn red when a report fails
3166 Navigator Inconsistent behavior of the navigator pane failure status highlighting
3419 Navigator Context menu not available for Windows or Schedules folders
3456 Navigator Moving a Computer Group node beneath another Computer Group node results in timeout error
3514 Objects-Actions Actions grid rendering issues for contacts
3516 Objects-Actions The title in the Actions editor shows "(Site)" after the Group name
3543 PA\Blocking Exception: Nullable object must have a value
3568 PA\Blocking Inconsistent behavior with Jump to Last Block
3347 PA\Dashboard Memory graphs may not render correctly when the dashboard is initially opened
3544 PA\Dashboard PA dashboard Instance selector does not honor user rights
3486 PA\Deadlocks The "Last Batch Completion Time" column displays an incorrect time
3569 PA\Deadlocks Clicking View for plan in Deadlock tab may result in no action
3319 PA\Disk Database snapshots can be displayed incorrectly on Disk Activity and Disk Space tabs
3470 PA\Fragmentation The Fragmentation Manager Wizard can enable an instance other than the one shown in the bottom pane of the index tab
3591 PA\Fragmentation Chart tooltips on Indexes tab should show discrete datapoint values
3580 PA\General User exception received: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint PK_Performance.."
3525 PA\Plan Explorer Gathering an actual execution plan for a batch that doesn't return rows cannot be cancelled
3553 PA\Plan Explorer Plans with query text longer than 3800 chars can sometimes be excluded
3557 PA\Plan Explorer User exception received: "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
3586 Alerting\Snooze Unsnooze context menus are now aware of current Snooze state
3589 PA\Plan Explorer Inaccurate row estimates for plans with residual predicates applied to lookups in 2008+
3207 PA\QuickTrace Blank fields for the "End Time" in the QuickTrace can lead to invalid values in the resulting export
3495 PA\Top SQL No "Unhide" option is available in the context menu for Top SQL events that are hidden
3556 PA\Top SQL SQL Sentry database offline may result in loss of trace connectivity
3472 PA\Windows Proc. "Refresh" button on Windows Process Activity viewer does not work when auto-refresh is disabled
3291 Reports Report server endpoints are deprecated in SQL Server 2008 R2
3422 Reports Invalid date shown in some Performance Advisor data exports to Excel 
3481 Reports Duplicate counters displayed under SQL Server Wait Statistics category on parameter dialog screen of performance counter reports
3491 Reports Incorrect calculations on performance counter history report
3504 Reports Deploying reports to root directory without a specified folder throws non-user friendly error message
3505 Reports Report deployment error when data source is located in root directory
3522 Reports SQL Server Wait Statistics category missing from Performance Counter reports for SQL Server 2012 connections
3286 Server-Connections The "Auto-enable SQL Server Agent tokens" SQL Server Connection Setting is not honored when watching a connection
3455 Server-Connections Computer groups show in Connections List as Sites
3546 System Status If a service no longer owns the purge/rollup role, a previous error will not get cleaned up
ID Component Description
3389 Alerting Actions for Top Commands: Error condition are not always fired
3508 Contacts-Users Restricting visibility in the Rights tab can cause the entire site to be hidden in the Navigator pane
3520 Licensing Free licenses are not applied to hardware key connection
3506 Perf. Monitoring Unhandled database access denied error for Availability Groups
ID Component Description
3499 General User exception received: Must declare the scalar variable "@LogEntryId"
ID Component Description
3503 Watching Upgrading can cause Registered SQL Servers to appear unwatched in the SQL Server Registrations group
ID Component Description
3460 Event Sources Duplicate report log entries can cause report history collection to fail
3485 General Computers with the same host name from different domains cannot be added
3478 PA\Dashboard Navigation via date bar may not function properly
3488 PA\Top SQL Performance Advisor for SSAS can cause a small increase in network overhead
3484 Reports Wait Stats Analysis report provides detail timestamps in UTC
ID Component Description
3465 PA New connections can timeout in environments with large PerformanceAnalysisTraceData tables
3307 PA\Dashboard Windows in certain languages can cause errors reading performance counter categories
3467 Reports Error is displayed when deploying reports to 2012 SSRS server
ID Component Description
3457 Calendar View Highlighting calendar events by Host uses the Host Process ID
3443 General Start Page default action is not being honored for Event Manager
3450 PA\Fragmentation "SqlException: Could not find table or object" encountered during index analysis
3453 PA\Fragmentation In rare cases, duplicate defrag operations can occur with clustered Monitoring Services
3390 PA\Top SQL XMLA commands of the Backup subclass are not captured
3452 PA\Top SQL Manually cancelled commands in SSAS are not logged
3458 PA\Top SQL User exception received: "Invalid column name HasAnalysis"
ID Component Description
3446 General User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
3440 Navigator Contact Users and Groups nodes are not sorted
ID Component Description
356 Notifications Ability to specify failover SMTP servers at the global and site levels
1122 Objects-Actions Add path to actions editor
1110 PA\Fragmentation Indexes tab updates
1121 PA\Fragmentation Performance optimizations for table/index data retrieval process
1042 Reports Wait Stats Analysis report
ID Component Description
3429 Alerting Server list does not populate for Execute Process actions
3414 General User exception received: "Value cannot be null.Parameter name: text"
3416 PA\Plan Explorer Multiple optional columns yield class names instead of values
3425 General Monitoring Service Error: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list
3426 General 32 bit Monitoring Service shows in Windows Services as SQL Sentry Server
3427 General Role of "deny_actions_read" is not being honored when applied to a user
3433 General User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
3436 Objects-Actions Actions editor selects random row on load
3302 Objects-Conditions Notifications for events occurring while the monitoring service is not running can be inconsistent once the service is restarted
3413 Objects-Settings Settings pane is not always updated when Shared Groups (Global) is selected
3434 PA\Plan Explorer Plan Explorer can hang opening plans with circular expression references
3437 Objects-Settings Object Name label on actions editor is different than on settings editor
3421 PA\Disk Last database or data file backup time may be incorrect
3424 PA\Fragmentation Databases Source settings are not always honored at the database level
3439 PA\Fragmentation Status is not shown for manual fragmentation analysis operations on the Indexes tab
3428 PA\Overview "Deny" property on rights tab for a Group does not prevent a User in the Group from seeing the denied instance in PA Overview
3438 PA\Plan Explorer Statements tree does not include copy context menu
3401 Reports Counter names in Peformance Counter History report for SSAS:Threads category do not distinguish between query pool and processing pool
3435 Reports Server/connection report parameters are reset when date parameters are changed
3430 Setup-Upgrade Upgrade fails when the SQL Sentry database is in 2000 compatibility mode
ID Component Description
3418 General Workaround for a defect in .NET 4.5 RC which can cause an exception when loading settings
3408 PA\Deadlocks Client can become unresponsive when rendering deadlock graphs for extremely large deadlocks
3406 PA\Fragmentation Incorrect warning message presented when selecting "Analyze Fragmentation Now" menu option on Indexes tab grid or tree views
3407 PA\Fragmentation One Time schedules for Index Defragmentation on specific databases may not be honored
3399 Perf. Monitoring Inconsistent behavior after failover for SSAS instances
ID Component Description
1105 PA\Disk Mount point support no longer requires the SQL Sentry Monitoring service to run on Windows Server 2008 or higher
ID Component Description
3404 Navigator User exception received: "Access to the path <drive>\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming... is denied"
3396 PA\Dashboard Instance selector can cut off long instance names
3395 PA\Disk Multiple configuration results for the same network adapter in WMI causes a collection key violation
3402 PA\Fragmentation User exception received: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
3409 PA\Fragmentation Offline rebuilds are never performed when LOB columns exist in the table or index
3410 PA\Fragmentation "Service may not be started" message appears when table and index collection is not enabled
3411 PA\Fragmentation Total Space Usage chart may show inaccurate value for used space
3403 Reports User exception received: "An error occurred during local report processing."
ID Component Description
3392 PA\Fragmentation Empty disks may not render correctly on index space usage chart
3290 Reports Quick report for Mbps in PA Global view is inconsistent with tooltips
ID Component Description
1101 PA\General Add 2 hour interval to PA Dashboard and PA Overview
ID Component Description
3389 Alerting Actions for Top Commands: Error condition are not always fired
3378 General User exception received: "tabbedHistoryViewParameters.DeviceAccessor == null"
3385 General User exception received: "Specified cast is not valid."
3388 General Creating a window with a schedule type of One Time can cause an error
3383 PA\Overview Data is not refreshed for PA Overview ranges greater than 2 hours
3384 Reports SQL Server total memory is not rendered properly on reports
3387 Reports SQL Server 2012 categories missing from Performance Counter History reports
3391 Reports SSAS connections excluded from Top SQL reports
3386 Server-Settings User exception received: "An empty or null hostname was found while parsing"
ID Component Description
865 Reports Add SQL Server file growth report
ID Component Description
3379 General Old invalid registry entries can prevent SQL Sentry Client from launching
3380 PA\Dashboard Low privilege users may not be able to view dashboard
3377 PA\Fragmentation Time in tooltip for Total Space Usage chart is in UTC time
3381 PA\Fragmentation Index collection may be duplicated if a server is moved to a new monitoring service via site distribution
ID Component Description
1030 General Add Action Counts report
ID Component Description
3376 Auditing-Actions Audit Actions may not always be processed
3367 General Window duration is shown when configuring compound windows
3368 Objects-Actions Clicking on an object group member doesn't select settings/actions for the group
3370 Objects-Actions Actions editor does not accurately reflect local actions that are invalidated by group actions
3373 PA\Fragmentation When exporting, percentage based columns are multiplied by 100
3364 Reports Warning message is displayed when deploying reports
3375 Watching Inability to monitor additional connections with Event Manager related to the free EM license for the SQL Sentry database server
ID Component Description
3361 PA\Fragmentation Overflow exception when collecting table and schema data
3371 PA\Fragmentation User exception received: "Sequence contains no elements"
3363 PA\General User exception received: "Cannot add series. A series with the name "BufferSize" already exists."
3366 PA\General User exception received: "Cannot add series. A series with the name "PLEHistory" already exists."
ID Component Description
1075 Alerting Ability to set email and pager alert windows for users and groups (windows are used to specify times when notifications are disabled)
623 PA\General Performance Advisor support for monitoring mirrored databases
948 PA\General When SQL Server performance counters are unavailable through Windows, SQL Sentry will collect these counters directly from SQL Server
1083 Reports Reports exported in Excel format now have collapsed data points by default
ID Component Description
3249 Chaining Event chains with short running node durations may hang
3355 General Unable to delete Object Groups without first deleting each object from the group individually
3356 General User exception received: "Incorrect syntax"
3359 General Unexpected behavior when monitored with only EM or only PA
3351 Licensing Inconsistent behavior with the included licenses for the SQL Sentry Database instance
3333 PA\Dashboard SQL Server memory can be included with Other Used Memory on the dashboard
3350 PA\Fragmentation Change "Deactivate Automated Defragmentation" context menu to "Exclude Index from Automated Defrag or Analysis"
3352 PA\Fragmentation User exception received: "Cannot access a disposed object."
3357 Server-Site Config Multiple issues with adding a site through the Site Configuration node
ID Component Description
3345 Navigator Clicking a user or group name can throw an exception
3331 PA\Fragmentation User exception received: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and.."
3342 PA\Fragmentation Index Properties are incorrectly shown in the context menu
3343 PA\Top SQL Runtime graphs for Top SQL do not work
3337 Reports Changing start date report parameter resets parameters below it
ID Component Description
604 General Allow deleting unused computers
1079 General Add category to Object Search control
ID Component Description
3339 General Time zones with greater offset than 0 from UTC time can get excessive Performance Monitor notifications
3340 General Launching SSMS 2012 from the console causes an error
3334 Navigator SQL Agent node is not highlighting for failures at child levels
3338 PA\General Date format exception in Performance Advisor
ID Component Description
1075 Alerting Ability to set email and pager alert windows for users and groups (windows are used to specify times when notifications are disabled)
ID Component Description
3328 Alerting Explicitly disabled send email action is not honored
3329 General User exception received: "The method or operation is not implemented."
3327 Navigator "Set Default View" option is not available in the Shared Groups context menu
3247 PA\Top SQL Inconsistent data shown on Top SQL tab
ID Component Description
801 Alerting Ability to edit actions at the site and group level
870 Alerting Ability to configure multiple versions of the same action type per condition
936 Alerting Prevent sync error alerts from being sent when the repository is offline
1065 Alerting Send Max Runtime notifications while blocking events are running
921 Calendar View Enhance maximum rows returned warning to only display the first time after calendar criteria changes
965 Calendar\List View Add job schedule information to jobs list view when exported
294 General Ability to edit settings at the site and group level
374 General Unified interface and mechanism for creating schedules to be used for various purposes
564 General Central Management Server integration
703 General Add protocol handler for SQL Sentry and include links within messages
844 General Ability to authenticate through local proxy servers
871 General Include product EULA as a text file in the install directory
925 General Implement copy functionality for grid rows and cells
932 General SQL Server 2012 support
979 General Make the "Database version is incompatible with this version of the client software" error message more user friendly
987 General Improve message when attempting to add SharePoint connection earlier than version 2010
994 General Help menu option to enable server side logging or console logging with log4net
1023 General Analysis Services 2012 support
1067 General System Status view to monitor global status of all SQL Sentry work
1068 General Group functionality to allow setting settings and actions on groups of independent objects
1073 General Windows can be applied to any action to configure when action is processed
1009 Licensing License Entry dialog should support Ctrl + A
1037 Licensing Change "License Key Mismatch" message to include customer portal information
862 Menus More intuitive configuration and display of Conditions and Actions
378 Navigator Only show a green arrow for a watched connection when it is actively being monitored
985 Navigator Improved server status functionality in the console application
1050 Navigator Show SQL Server Analysis Services registered servers in the navigator
1074 Navigator Monitoring Services nodes now show up in Navigator, along with account information, version, and state
1071 Objects-Settings Label in settings editor shows full path to active object
1072 Objects-Settings When inherit is true for settings, show source in parentheses
1040 PA\Blocking Performance optimizations for block detection procedure for systems with very high session counts
1046 PA\Blocking Increase default Minimum Block Duration to 15 seconds
1033 PA\Dashboard Overlay events on chart axes when using Jump To->Dashboard context menu from Blocking SQL or QuickTrace tabs
988 PA\Deadlocks Export deadlock to XML option
857 PA\Disk Fragmentation Manager for indexes
998 PA\Disk Show restricted-user mode databases in Disk Space/Activity
948 PA\General When SQL Server performance counters are unavailable through Windows, SQL Sentry will collect these counters directly from SQL Server
973 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Add paddles to both sides of layout control sliders
1000 PA\General Database properties page
1014 PA\General Add View Plan button to grids on Blocking SQL and Deadlocks tabs
879 PA\Plan Explorer Allow copying of lists of columns, objects, indexes
902 PA\Plan Explorer File > Save As in addition to File > Save
938 PA\Plan Explorer Show table-level I/O metrics for actual plans
941 PA\Plan Explorer Support for new operation types in SQL Server 2012
993 PA\Plan Explorer Include table alias name in operator tooltips on plan diagram
995 PA\Plan Explorer SQL Server 2012 execution plan support
996 PA\Plan Explorer Allow multiple batch execution via GO T-SQL command
1007 PA\Plan Explorer Show non-clustered index details for narrow DML plans
1015 PA\Plan Explorer Maintain connection state for indexing commands after manually retrieving a plan for an opened (disconnected) plan file
1016 PA\Plan Explorer Include partition information available in actual plans
1063 PA\Plan Explorer SQL 2012 support for the Plan Explorer add-in
981 PA\Query Plans Additional columns for Query Plans tab
952 PA\QuickTrace QuickTrace action enhancements
1004 PA\QuickTrace Restrict QuickTrace functionality on very busy systems
825 PA\Top SQL Enhanced trace data filtering
882 PA\Top SQL Add the ability to edit the trace settings at the device level from the Navigator pane
933 PA\Windows Proc. Add User Name to available columns in Process Activity view
1021 Reports Show the event class name on all Top SQL reports
1045 Reports Global disk space usage report
1069 Server Service Monitoring Services list view to show all active services and statistical information
1070 Server-Site Config Drag/drop site configuration in Navigator
1028 Setup Installation usability enhancements
802 User Preferences Add the ability to share Device Groups between Users
904 User Preferences Persist ignoring of Console Alert status messages across console sessions
947 User Preferences Add capability to restore all user preferences to default values
920 Watching Add "Watch Progress" form that shows the status of all new watch operations
ID Component Description
0 General 10+ defects submitted through the exception reporting system
3218 Alerting After ignoring console alerts, the console status indicator may not reflect correct state
3185 Calendar View Slow rendering when many deadlocks are shown on the calendar
3178 Contacts-Groups Inconsistent behavior when displaying associated actions for Users/Groups
3180 Database SQL Sentry Query Deadlocks
3172 Watching Task Schedulers on servers with atypical FQDN's cannot be watched
2827 General All server related security issues with monitored servers should be reported as console alerts
3210 General Adding a user to a 'deny_contact_read' role can cause an error when the console is launched
3219 General On the 'Rights' tab for users the 'Allow' checkbox is not always honored if only the Windows Task Scheduler is configured
3228 General Watched devices can be claimed and then ejected by a server service on a repeating loop
3298 General Start page dropdown menus do not honor restricted server visibility
3271 Licensing Exception may be thrown when the license application launches upon expiration of the license
3309 PA\Plan Explorer\Index Analysis Index Analysis module
3296 PA\General Old schema data for processors is not cleaned up after a schema refresh
3153 PA\Overview All grid rows disappear when clicking "Expand Warnings" if "Show Windows" is deselected
3213 PA\Plan Explorer Some SQL Server 2012 plans can generate errors
3224 PA\Plan Explorer Incorrect Duration and CPU values may be assigned to the last statement in multi-statement execution plans
3225 PA\Plan Explorer Descending is misspelled in the Sort tooltip of the plan diagram
3234 PA\Plan Explorer Only show Key Lookups and RID Lookups columns when there are lookups in the plan
3235 PA\Plan Explorer Estimated Execution Mode tooltip says True/False instead of Batch/Row
3236 PA\Plan Explorer Missing index warning icon does not show for cursor preparation calls
3237 PA\Plan Explorer Don't show Optimization Level in tooltip unless it is defined
3238 PA\Plan Explorer Show cursor operation type instead of DECLARE CURSOR on cursor nodes
3239 PA\Plan Explorer Actual plans that use loops may not show every iteration of the same statement
3240 PA\Plan Explorer Add missing cursor operations like Population Query and Fetch Query
3242 PA\Plan Explorer Compute scalars may show zero cost when showing line widths by data size
3243 PA\Plan Explorer Paste option is never enabled within Plan XML pane context menu
3263 PA\Plan Explorer Generic T-SQL icon shown for Hash Match (Aggregate) operator
3266 PA\Plan Explorer Captured statements that use CTEs may not be correctly associated with statements in the corresponding plan
3288 PA\Plan Explorer GO <int> parsing is case sensitive
3289 PA\Plan Explorer SQL Server 2012 parsing requires updated ScriptDom
3292 PA\Plan Explorer Plan Explorer does not show Parameters tab for some plans
3312 PA\Plan Explorer Not all filters are listed on the Query Parameters tab
3229 PA\Query Plans Captured plans for a given date range may not always be listed on the Query Plans tab
3278 PA\Top SQL Non-cached Ops % in Top Queries for SSAS always shows 1%
3282 PA\Top SQL Top SSAS commands not logged if connection goes offline before completion
3280 Printing Options set with the ‘Page Setup’ command are not honored during printing
2932 Quick Start Guide Could not complete cursor operation because the table schema changed after the cursor was declared
3272 Reports Parameters in PA reports listing invalid connections
3297 Server-Connections Remove ability to disable Integrated Authentication when adding an Analysis Services connection
3232 Server-Settings "Do Not Fire Actions for Messages Older Than" setting for Message Processor only works for Send Email action
3158 Setup The error message for 18456 errors during setup is not user friendly
3260 Setup In some cases, the SQL Server node is visible on fresh installs
3244 Setup-Upgrade The upgrade can fail due to unexpected schemas in the repository database